Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Lyon's Coffee Bags for a Convenient Proper Cup of Coffee!

Lyons coffee bags offer all the convenience of a tea bag, but with the deliciousness of real coffee.  Just brew for about 4 minutes in freshly boiled water for a perfect individual cup of coffee anytime you fancy it.

It comes in  three varieties:
Good Morning - a bright breakfast blend to wake you up in the morning.
Coffee Break - a smooth, all rounder for anytime of the day.
Gourmet Italian - a rich, authentic Italian evening coffee for after dinner or special occasions.

Lyons Coffee Bags

I received some samples to try out.  They come individually wrapped for freshness.  Ripping the packet open,  the smell of coffee was released.  I love that smell!

It's so easy to brew one in a cup of boiling water and giving it a squeeze and a dunk helps release the flavour.  I used a mug rather than a cup so the coffee was weaker than it would have been if I'd used a cup, but I don't like my coffee too strong, so this was perfect for me. Very drinkable and enjoyable for an everyday cup of coffee.  If you like stronger coffee simply use a smaller cup and let it brew for 5-6 minutes.

I really liked the convenience of the coffee bags.  Proper coffee made quickly, easily and conveniently.  No need to use a cafetiere or a machine to enjoy real coffee.

Lyons Coffee Bags

The bags are available in packs of 18 for £2.59 at  major retailers such as Tesco, Ocado, Sainsbury's, Morisson's and Waitrose.


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