Monday, 2 December 2013

Jelly Jamm DVD

Jelly Jamm follows the adventures of five friends, Bello, Mino, Goomo, Rita and Ongo who  live on the magical planet Jammbo, which is where all the music in the universe comes from.

Jelly Jamm DVD

The madcap adventures are funny and the characters are lovable.  Jelly Jamm celebrates fun, friendship and music and every episode features a gentle life lesson for children as the friends learn to live in harmony.  

The DVD features six episodes: 

Radio Goomo 
Musical Aurora 
Rita Adopts a Dodo 
Flying Lies 
I Want That Too
Mama Mina

This show is a lot of fun, aimed at kids aged 4 -7 and contains great music.  Freddy had seen it previously on Cartoonito and he loves it.  Now we have received the DVD to review, he can watch it whenever he wants and enjoy Jelly Jamm at any time of the day!  It always brings a smile to his face.  the Jelly Jamm theme tune is something you can't help singing along to.

A brand new range of Jelly Jamm soft toys from Bandai are hitting the shops so children will be able to cuddle up with their own favourite Jelly Jamm character!  Look out for them in stores and online.

You can find Jelly Jamm on their UK Youtube Channel
and on their Jelly Jamm UK page on Facebook

The DVD is out to buy now and is currently just £6.81 on Amazon.  A great stocking filler for any litttle Jelly Jamm fans!


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