Monday, 2 December 2013

Leerdammer Toastie Challenge‏

Leerdammer Toastie is the ultimate toastie-making cheese slice, introducing a delicious taste sensation in perfectly-sized slices, to deliver the best toastie yet.  Uncompromising on taste, toastie lovers will relish the distinctive smooth Leerdammer Toastie flavour. Carefully crafted, this new recipe is ideal for melting and fits neatly onto your bread with its square shape – promising no overspills and creating the perfect toastie.

Leerdammer Toastie

The new richer and thicker slices enhance the original distinctively, sweet and nutty flavour of Leerdammer. They really are very tasty and we all nibbled some straight from the pack.  I love the holes in the slices which lets other sandwich toppings peep through when you make a toastie.

There has never been a better opportunity to indulge in the ultimate uplifting and warming treat to keep you satisfied through the cold winter months.

We have received some lovely Leerdammer Toastie cheese so we can make our own Toastie recipe.

 Chilli Dog and Cheese Toastie 
made with Leerdammer


1 slice of bread lightly toasted
1 slice Leerdammer Toastie
Jumping Jack Sweet Chilli Jam to spread
Slices of sweet long red pepper
Slices of cooked vegetarian hotdog

Jumping Jack

Spread the lightly toasted bread with chilli jam.


Pop a Leerdammer Toastie Cheese Slice on top.


Put on slices of sweet long red pepper and sliced hotdogs.


Put under the grill until the Leerdammer melts and bubbles.


Serve hot cut into halves.

Leerdammer Toastie is the latest addition to the Leerdammer range, which also includes the original and light slices as well as the original block. Leerdammer Toastie is now available nationwide in Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Asda priced at a RRP of £1.75 for a pack of six slices.


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