Thursday, 5 December 2013

How To Divide Your Time at Christmas!

Jade, my lovely future daughter-in-law and mother to my baby grandson Ted, has written me this guest post about what Christmas means to her and how she plans to juggle her time with the festive demands of big families!

"Christmas comes this time each year...

It only comes once and it flies by quite fast so it is often hard to squeeze in everything you want to do over the holidays. The most important part of Christmas to me is spending much needed time with friends and family.

With Joe and I coming from quite large families there is always lots of fun to be had in December but it can also be quite a stressful time, especially with a baby in tow. 

To make those few festive days less stressful we have always divided our yuletide celebrations evenly between each of our families. We alternate spending Christmas in Shropshire with Joe's family and New Year in Northampton with mine and swapping each year.

With Ted being born so close to Christmas last year we wanted to be close to home so stayed here with my family but this year is the McDonald's Christmas and it is set to be one to remember...our first vegan Christmas! 

My side of the family also have a little gathering in the run up for to the Big C where we meet, exchange presents and often take a trip down memory lane as we remember our Grandad whose birthday was on Christmas Eve. 

But that's just it, Christmas is about traditions, sharing memories and celebrating. Turkey dinners and presents are a bonus but for me it is about family. 

I am sure Wendy will share some of our festivities with you and I will be sure to let you know our first year with a toddler plays out! I am predicting lots of squealing with excitement, eating way too many sweets and perhaps even a few wobbly steps...but enough about me I am sure Ted will love it too! 

Now to end this guest post with an old phrase I know Wendy loves...

Over and Out Blog Jockeys!! :)"



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