Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A First Birthday Party

Today is my grandson Ted's first birthday.  My own son's little boy is a whole year old already.  It doesn't seem that long ago that I was waiting anxiously for the phone call that would let me know that my son had become a daddy.  Since then I have watched Joe become a wonderful father, which is something that makes me incredibly proud.

The milestone of Ted's first birthday has made me think of when Joe turned one.  My tiny baby boy whose journey into the world was so traumatic and distressing for both of us, went on to thrive.  By a year old he was a boisterous, mischievous and highly spirited little boy.  Traits that have stayed with him for the last 25 years!  

Joe's first birthday was a Garfield themed affair with everything coloured orange like Garfield the cat.  I made a Garfield shaped cake using a special tin and iced it with orange and brown buttercream.  I vividly remember doing it even though it was over two decades ago.  Everyone wore orange garlands around their necks and there were balloons and themed tableware.  A perfect day for my little man to mark his first birthday.

Here is Joe pictured with his lovely Nana on his first birthday back in 1989.


I hope that Joe makes some wonderful memories with his little boy today.  Memories that will last a lifetime.  The time spent with your children is just so precious. Thinking back on all the moments spent laughing, playing and having fun,  never fails to raise a smile. Life is so much richer because of the special moments that we spend with loved ones.

I almost got to host a birthday party for Ted this year, but sadly it never happened.  I'd baked and decorated the cake, bought the buffet food, invited the guests, decorated the house, had the "1" candle just waiting to be lit and blown out to make a wish- but unfortunately Joe had to cancel the visit at the last minute.  Leaving us with a birthday party all ready to go just without the guest of honour.

However, the party went ahead in Ted's absence and we had a wonderful time on his behalf.  Megan, my parents, my niece and her baby decided to still come.  We re-branded it as a 'Fake Christmas' party.  We all got to spend a lovely afternoon fussing over my gorgeous great-nephew instead of the birthday boy.  It was a shame not to have Joe and Ted there, but we will be seeing them at Christmas for some belated birthday hugs.

I hope Ted has a lovely day today being spoiled and having lots and lots of fun with his family.  Joe has had a bit of a tough time lately, following a nasty car crash on the M1 a couple of weeks ago. I hope that spending today with his little boy will be just the tonic he needs to get back to his old self again.  Nothing is as important as family.  The family that you choose to have around you, those who make life worth living, bringing love, laughter and happiness.  Making you the best version of yourself that you can be.  That is the greatest thing in the whole world.

Happy Birthday Ted xxx



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