Tuesday, 3 December 2013

I'd Love to be a #MarkWarnerMum

Today I've been writing out lists for my Christmas shopping, baking projects, meal plans and festive itinerary. I have a knitted blanket over my knees and a hot cup of coffee next to me.  My nose feels cold and I can feel the early sniffy sensation of an impending cold.

Allowing my mind to drift, I left the December tasks and transported myself mentally to a sunnier clime. Instead of sheepskin slippers I imagined bejewelled flip flops on my feet showing toe nails painted brightly in summery shades.  The woollen jumper I am wearing had no place in my imagination, and my drab winter wardrobe made way for a pretty, floaty, floral dress, coloured in a beautiful pastel shade.  Coffee is replaced with Pina Colada served with a twirly straw and decorated with a flambuoyant touch.  I breathe in deeply imagining the salty air at my nostrils and the kiss of the sun on my skin.

Mark Warner

For me, it is this fantasy element of holidays that really hold me in its grip.  The part where I get to step outside real life and immerse myself into something new and hold those feelings in my heart forever.  I can relive moments from holidays long ago, replaying the best bits over and over as a means of escape. Daydreaming about dipping my feet into a crystal clear infinity pool and running along a golden sandy beach with my children or discovering new places, experiencing different cultures, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of somewhere new and exciting. And sharing these moments with my family as we make magical memories that each and every one of us will hold in our hearts forever.  That's the beauty of holidays.

Mark Warner

Mark Warner are looking for bloggers to become a #MarkWarnerMum and work closely with them over the following year.  This is an opportunity I would love to be involved in and a chance to dream some more about holidays in the sun.

Next year is Ella's final year at home before she leaves for university and I'd love to make some really special holiday memories for her to carry with her when she leaves home.  A Mark Warner's holiday offers so much for a family - even one that includes a 17 year old!  And we'd love to put it to the test.


We adore spending family time together but with children of very different ages it can be tricky to keep everyone happy all of the time.  This is where a family holiday at a fabulous resort with tailored activities could really make our family time away into something special, with activities for each and everyone of us making the time spent together even more appreciated.

Mark Warner

I think my family is perfect for an activity holiday in the sun.  Freddy is 4 and would love the kids' Mini Club activities where he could meet other children and have loads of fun.  Indoor and outdoor time would keep him happily entertained and I'd be so thrilled to hear all about his adventures over lunch.  Kizzy is 11 and very confident and outgoing.  She would love to learn some new things and experience some exciting activities like windsurfing.  Since she saw Teen Beach Movie she has fancied herself as a pro-surfer so this could be a good place to start.  The Kidz Club offers an action packed schedule for children who want a level of independence and the chance to be themselves around similarly aged kids.  The Indy Club is for older teens up to 17 and I think it would be perfect for Ella to kick back and join in with some age appropriate entertainment and gain some confidence.  She'd be able to come and go meaning she could spend some quality one to one time with myself and her dad too, while her younger siblings are being looked after and having fun elsewhere.  It would be a fitting final family holiday for my teenager before she goes off into the big wide world, and would be an adventure she'd never forget!

By having the opportunity to do things independently, I think the children would treasure the time spent together even more.  I can just imagine alfresco dinners where the children regale us with tales of what they have got up to during the day.  They might even convince me to try something new like trying my hand at water sports!

Mark Warner

Spending some time together with my husband Ian would be a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and fall in love all over again.  Holidays in the sun have a habit of bringing out the romantic in me as I relax into the beautiful surroundings and forget all the worries of 'real life' and bask in the knowledge that my kids are safe, happy and having a wonderful time.


I would love to be an ambassador for Mark Warner and help other parents discover the joys of successful, happy and active family holidays.

So now, I'm back to reality and my Christmas list making, planning for the wintry weeks ahead.  But in the back of my mind I'm still dreaming of lying on a beach in the sunshine watching the children having fun!

This is our entry for the #MarkWarnerMum blogger competition.


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