Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Save Santa's Home Campaign

Santa is at his busiest at this time of year, but his North Pole home is in danger.  Climate change is continuing to melt the polar ice caps and the Arctic is being destroyed.  How do we tell the children that we caused the destruction of Santa's Christmas Emporium making Mr and Mrs Claus, the elves and the reindeer homeless?  Greenpeace has launched a campaign to Save Santa's Home.

Santa has been busy on social media to highlight the problems he is suffering this Christmas.  As bloggers we all understand using social media to vent our anger, share our problems and rally help for a good cause.

Santa has been on Facebook:

Save Santa's Home, Greenpeace

He has posted photos on Instagram:

Save Santa's Home, Greenpeace

He's even been vlogging to try to get his message out there:


This is a brilliantly executed campaign for a really serious problem and Greenpeace is doing its best to Save Santa's Home and protect the Arctic by creating a sanctuary around the North Pole.  We can all help Save Santa's Home and earn ourselves a spot on Santa's good list.

Find out more and join celebrities such as Jude Law, Paul McCartney and Madonna by signing the petition.

I was happy to help by writing this post and sharing the website details.
Merry Christmas x


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