Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Delicious Italian Chocolates by Bellucci Chocolate

Bellucci Chocolate is a new brand of speciality chocolates from Turin.  Exquisitely packaged, Bellucci Chocolates would make the ideal Christmas gift for chocolate lovers and fine food connoisseurs alike this Christmas.

I have been sent some samples from the Bellucci range, including a selection of the finest gianduiotti, gianduja pralines and crumbly nougats alongside other select traditional chocolates.  Each individually wrapped chocolate has been carefully chosen for its heritage, tradition and delicious taste and is ready to enjoy.

The variety of differently coloured foiled chocolates looks very impressive.  Unwrapping them, reveals the gorgeous chocolates inside.  And they taste as impressive as they look.


Bellucci Chocolates come in a range of amazing varieties.  Here are three of my favourites: Cremeni is a square triple layered praline with three layers of indulgent chocolate and flavoured gianduja.  which literally melts on the tongue.  The Cri Cri is a crunchy, snowball of chocolate which enrobes a whole Piedmont hazelnut.  The tiny, crisp sugar balls add a delicious crunch.  The Gianduiotti are rich aromatic chocolate pralines with a rich, velvety texture.  They come in milk, dark, coffee and hazelnut flavours.  Exquisite!

Italian Chocolates

Other favourites include the Delice, a whole hazelnut covered in praline and smothered in crisp milk chocolate.  The Gemme is a classic gianduja flavoured with coffee, nut or chocolate and topped with a coffee bean, whole nut or cocoa nibs.  I loved the delicious crumbly Hazelnut Nougat coated in dark chocolate, which was quite a revelation.  Such a unique flavour and texture.

The Bellucci Chocolates are everything I love in confectionery: rich, indulgent, smooth, creamy, velvety, melt-in-the-mouth and decadent.  The use of sweet, prized Piedmont Hazelnuts in the ‘gianduja’ and 'gianduiotti' is simply superb.  Absolutely delicious.  These are some of the finest Italian chocolates I have ever enjoyed and they are available to buy directly online at

They stock some beautifully packaged boxes of chocolates which would make a perfect gift.  The Bella Box Grande contains over 40 assorted chocolates and costs £34.99.  It's definitely on my wish list this Christmas.

Bellucci Chocolates


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