Saturday, 6 October 2012

Happy Birthday - Project 52

This week we have celebrated Kizzy's 10th birthday.  We managed to cajole her Nana and Grandad in joining us for her birthday meal at a local restaurant, which totally delighted Kizzy.  They are usually creatures of habit so I was really pleased that they accepted the eleventh hour invitation! Kizzy had a lovely evening with her family.  Although Nana and Grandad left for home straight afterwards, the rest of us came back home for birthday cake.  Freddy 'designed' the cake, telling me exactly what he thought Kizzy would like.  She ended up with a green sponge, filled with orange buttercream, topped with blue glace icing and pink buttter icing, finished off with hundreds and thousands!  It was pretty bright but tasted just like vanilla if you shut your eyes!!


I still can't believe how grown-up Kizzy is getting.  She is a gorgeous young lady and we are so proud of her!  I'm glad she had such a good birthday.  She gets to do it all again with her friends in a few days as ten classmates descend on my house...should be fun!!

Here are some photos from Kizzy's special day.

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