Thursday, 11 October 2012

Freddy Test Drives A Kiddie Bike

bikes, pre-schoolers

Kiddie Bikes is an award winning online business selling safe, fun, lightweight yet robust ride-on trikes for pre-school age children. The trikes, in the shape of motorbikes, are manufactured in Hungary to EU quality and safety standards. The two fixed wheels at the back give extra stability while the steerable front wheel makes it very easy to manoeuvre. Kiddie Bikes help children improve their balance, coordination and steering skills, and give kids hours of active fun. They are compact, easy to carry and designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Freddy was sent a Maxi Silver Kiddie Bike to test out.  It was waiting for him when he came home from nursery and he was keen to jump straight on and get riding...indoors and out!

bikes, trikes, pre-schoolers

Freddy really enjoys this bike.  He is a bit nervous riding on two wheelers but too big for sit 'n' ride toys so this bike bridges that gap perfectly.  Having the two wheels on the back makes the bike quite stable, but without making it look like a traditional tricycle.  Freddy loves the motorbike design exclaiming that it is "so cool"!  He likes the stick-on speedometer on the handle bars and enjoys whizzing down the gentle slope of our drive with his feet up going at "super speed".  

The fact that he can ride his bike indoors is a bonus.  He can manoeuvre it up and down the hallway and round the living room safely and so can use his bike whatever the weather.  It will definitely help improve his confidence and his balance to make the leap to a two-wheeler much easier for him.   I really like how lightweight and compact it is making it easy to carry, transport and store.  The bike arrives fully assembled and runs purely on kid power keeping little ones fit and active.

Kiddie Bikes sell a Midi Bike for ages 1-3 for £24.99 and a Maxi Bike for ages 2-4 for £24.99, both with free UK delivery.  They come in an assortment of colours and really do look funky.

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