Monday, 1 October 2012

Madagascar 3: The Video Game

Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted

Fans of Gloria, Melman, Alex, Marty, King Julien and the Penguins are in for a real treat with the release of the new Dreamworks Madagascar 3 video game due for release in October.  Available for the Wii, 3DS, DS, XBox 360 and PS3, you can enjoy this new game whatever your preferred platform.

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Based on the new upcoming animated film, Madagascar 3: The Video Game puts players in the role of their favourite characters in a new and original adventure.  The gang travel through Europe with a travelling circus, trying to make their way back to New York by putting on the show of their lives!

The game has a Story Mode and a Circus Mode with mini games.  The Circus Mode has become a big favourite with us because all the family can join in.  There are games based on the jaw-droppingly skillful acrobatic acts of the big top as well as games based on jobs like ticket sales and selling snacks.  There are laughs a plenty as Mason and Phil the monkeys throw fruit at the audience, and seeing Gloria on the tightrope  is also very entertaining.  The mini games are mostly very easy to control (except the trapeze game which none of us can yet master) and are quick so it's easy to take turns, keeping all the children happy.  You also don't lose your life if you get it wrong so it isn't frustrating to younger kids ... if you get something wrong your character will get splatted with bananas or King Julien will make a comment, but you get to continue the game.  I like that aspect of this mode.  The games really are fun and the circus theme is very appealing.
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The Story Mode involves carrying out a series of missions in a drop-in two person action multiplayer game.  The two player mode is in split screen.   Playing as your favourite character and using their special abilities, you are set free in the city.  You can jump, roar, kick, smash and sprint your way across Europe on a brand new adventure, performing publicity stunts on famous landmarks in a bid to get back to New York while avoiding animal control.  We did find this mode a bit tricky at first and quite frustrating in parts.  I'm sure that experienced gamers would have no trouble navigating the maps and using the right character to achieve certain objectives, but playing with a 3 year old and a 9 year old proved quite difficult. On our first try Gloria jumped into a well and we spent the next half an hour swimming around in circles unable to get out.  However the close up of her Hippo bottom on the screen caused much hilarity!  It may take us some time to complete the story but at least the game has longevity!!  On screen prompts do help work out what needs to be done.
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My children do enjoy games based on film characters and this is no exception.  The use of the animals' voices adds an element of  fun with their funny soundbites. They love taking control of Melman on the tightrope or Vitaly as he jumps through flaming hoops.  They are also working out how to navigate the story mode and which skills the animals have in order to solve problems. The game is colourful and fast paced.  The graphics are good and the controls work well.

It is a definite must have for Madagascar fans, and everyone will enjoy the fun of the circus theme.

It is released on October 12th and is available to pre-order now from Amazon and other video game retailers.


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