Tuesday, 9 October 2012

We're A MakeDo Family

Ever since our council did away with the cardboard kerbside recycling, we have ended up with a box mountain in our kitchen until Ian does the weekly trek to the dump.  


Surely there is something that we can do with our cardboard stockpile before it gets disposed of?  There must be something fun that we can do to make this situation more bearable!

Makedo may just have the answer!

Makedo turns any household junk into modelling material allowing you to create constructions as adventurous as your imagination allows.  It offers ideas for projects for using your old cardboard packaging and other household junk.

Makedo's connector system allows you to easily join together card and other materials to make models big and small.  The clips and hinges are really cleverly designed and easy to use.  The kits also include a safe plastic saw and sticker kit.  We were sent a London Tube kit and some extra Freeplay packs to inspire us to make our own creations.

Ian and Freddy set to work and decided to make a locomotive train rather than the tube train because Fred wanted a funnel!  Between them they sawed, clipped and stuck stickers on their train.  They had a lot of fun together and the train they built was big enough for Freddy to drive and had room for his sister's dolls to take  a ride too.
modelling, train

When Freddy has finished playing with it, we can simply remove the re-usable clips and recycle the cardboard.  There is no tape or glue used in the construction so it is simple to dispose of responsibly.

train, makedo

Makedo is an environmentally friendly way to enjoy crafting and can be played with again and again.  The possibilities are endless and allow imaginative and creative play!

We are enjoying being a Makedo family!


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