Monday, 1 October 2012

My Favourite Comment Ever!

Bosch Have Written Me A Poem!

Bosch have gone all poetic and are writing fantastic little ditties as comments on their favourite blogs.  I was very chuffed to receive one on my Ghost Gang review!  This is social media marketing at its most creative (and they even used no-follow links!)  I thought I'd share my rhyming comment with you all, because it is just so fabulous. 

Good morning lovely Wendy
We wanted to get in touch
To tell you how fab you are
And that we like your blog so very much
Your review of the book Ghost Gang
Inspired us to get writing
We’d love to be like James Parkin
But our poem’s nowhere near as exciting
However what we do know
Is that whilst our poetry is tosh
You probably know us better as
The folks behind the brand Bosch
In your and Ian’s household
You may own a Bosch appliance
An object of true beauty
Upon which you have reliance
But if you look beyond the kitchen
To where Freddy plays outside
We were probably the brand which enabled
Your gardening skills to be applied
And when you drive to Northampton
To visit “grown-up” Joe
Bosch fuel-injection system
Keeps your car going with the flow
And as Megan’s studied Management
She may already be aware
That energy efficiency
Is important everywhere
Although it’s been a while since
Ian penned your “Hey Wendy!” song
You’ll probably have a follow-on from Ella
Making your musical legacy long
From the heat-pump that warms your happy home
To the oven that helped Kizzy bake
We’re proud of our engineering prowess
Behind the products we make
In the heart of Shropshire
Where you’ve been living your domestic dream
Surrounded by your loved ones
That make up you Tiny Testers Team
We’d like to extend our gratitude
To both you and your tecchie spouse
And let you know that we’re big fans
Of the awesome Wendy House
So thanks, oh queen of blogging!
(consider yourself crowned)
Just like Winston in the Ghost Gang
Bosch is All Around (
Hope you enjoyed that (come on over and say hello on Facebook or Twitter)! - Facebook - Twitter


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