Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Heated Gloves For Cold Days

My daughter Ella suffers from Reynaud's Syndrome which means that when she gets cold, the circulation to her hands becomes restricted making her fingers go blue and black.  She has used it to her benefit in the past to get out of outdoor PE lessons and at the same time terrifying unsuspecting teachers unfamiliar with the extremely disconcerting digital discolouration of the condition!

Hopefully this year, she won't have to suffer anywhere near as much as we have been sent a pair of Heated Thinsulate Gloves for her to try from

Thinsulate, Paramountzone

Good for keeping hands warm at temperatures down to -20 degrees, these fleece lined, water resistant gloves have a concealed battery pack which operates built in heating.  Optimum temperature is reached within minutes and the warmth keeps hands toastie for hours.

Each glove takes a D battery which makes them a little heavier to wear than ordinary gloves (but possibly useful for self-defence!)  If we get a cold snap this year, everyone will covet these heated gloves.  Perfect for the elderly, people who enjoy winter sports and those like my daughter who suffer the cold!  They would make much appreciated Christmas gifts, bringing the gift of snuggly hands whatever the weather!

They are priced at £11.99 for a pair of men's or women's gloves.  Find these and a whole host of other funky gift ideas at great prices, perfect for Secret Santas or stocking fillers at Paramountzone!


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