Tuesday, 30 October 2012

How Much Fun Can You Have With A Milk Bottle!

There is a whole new breed of milk bottle on the market.  Through years of research and development, Nampak has created a new Infini Bottle which is lightweight, super strong and better for the environment giving out fewer carbon emissions.


The bottle really is very light but it doesn't compromise on strength, so it will handle whatever the family throw at it at breakfast time, ensuring they'll be no crying over spilt milk!   We were sent a bottle to see for ourselves how strong and light it is, plus we were given some extras to make a fun ball catching game!  You can re-use your milk bottle and have some fun before consigning it to the recycling bin!

milk bottle, re-use

How To Make a Milk Bottle Ball Catching Toy

Simply cut your bottle in half and decorate the top half with stickers.
Tie a ball to a piece of string and secure it inside using the bottle lid.
Try to catch the ball in the bottle!

(The bottom of the bottle can also be used as a handy storage pot or a plant pot!)

It's a great way to re-use your household waste before recycling it and is a fun project for the kids to do over half term.


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