Monday, 8 October 2012

Hungry Frogs and Minnie's Boutique

The Hungry Frogs Magic Sounds Board Game

There is plenty of fun for little ones as they race around the pond trying to find flies to feed their frogs in this great board game!  To add to the fun, the game has a magic sound button that plays a "Ribbit" sound, which Freddy thought was very funny!

The aim of the game is to spin the spinner which allows the player to move 1, 2 or 3 spaces around the board jumping on logs or lily pads.  Landing on a lily allows the player to pick a counter.  Some are blank and some have flies on the back.  The aim is to collect three flies and race back home.  If the spinner lands on the Magic Sound, then the player gets to press the button.  The Ribbitting sound sends any frogs on logs back home to start over again.

The game costs £9.99 and is suitable for ages 3 and up.  Freddy, who is 3, really enjoyed it, although there was a bit of cheating as he searched for counters with flies on!

The game is available from John Lewis, Debenhams and Tesco.

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Disney Minnie Mouse Boutique Scenario 3D Puzzle

My family are massive Disney fans so we were really delighted to try out the new Scenario 3D kit by Educa which is a whole new way to play with your favourite Disney characters.  The kit comprises of push out foam pieces that fit together to form a 3D scene.  You can create an elaborate boutique complete with all the accessories that Minnie loves so much.  After the scene is built you can play with the shop and the four Disney characters.

The kit is for ages 5 and up, but I have to say that I struggled with some of the fiddly construction.  Kizzy started the kit independently but very quickly got frustrated, so I took over.  It wasn't easy and the instructions were really quite complicated.  However, it was incredibly satisfying when the pieces slotted together making bits of furniture, potted trees and dressed mannequins.  The finished result was really lovely.

Minnie Mouse, Disney

The Scenario 3D Boutique takes the play beyond that of an ordinary puzzle.  The construction is just the beginning.  Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Daisy can shop till they drop!  Children can create their very own stories played out in this lovely setting.

These are both great gift ideas for children with Christmas fast approaching, or would be excellent to keep the kids amused over half term!


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