Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Matchbox Big Boots - Ready To Launch

Freddy has completed his first full week at his new nursery after a very shaky start at his previous setting.  He definitely deserves a treat for being such a good, brave and grown-up boy, so when I was sent a Matchbox Big Boots Blaze Brigade Fire Truck from Mattel to review, I couldn't think of a more perfect reward!

I am more familiar with Matchbox making die-cast cars so I was surprised to see the Big Boots Fire Truck when it arrived.  It is  a big, chunky plastic vehicle with a crew of three fireman, Capt. Lazer, Zelix and Spraymond who have huge big booted feet!  We also received a blister pack containing three extra Blaze Buster figures-Max Charge, Firebolt and Vakkor.

Matchbox, Mattel

Freddy was instantly drawn to the truck and explored all the features enthusiastically.  He loved launching the fire crew from the top of the ladder by pressing a big button on the side of the truck.  He equally loved the detachable hose on top that fires out a blue plastic 'arrow' of water.  The front of the truck pulls down allowing two of the crew to drive.  The bumper on the back pulls out catapulting the crew stood on the sides of the truck and when it is pushed in the front falls down and catapults out the drivers.  It is chaotic action-packed fun on wheels.

The Blaze Crew are ready to launch into action whenever there is an emergency!  Freddy really loves all the  ways you can make the crew fly off of the vehicle.  He is in his element having toys flying around him and shooting the hose/gun.  Thankfully it is really robust and is built to take some heavy play!

The crew consist of funny little characters with a rubbery body and huge solid plastic feet.  The big weighted feet mean that even though they wobble they don't fall over making them perfect for all the catapulting and launching that takes place from the truck.  The bottom heavy design makes them really stable so they always land on their feet and means they stay put on the truck even as the vehicle is whizzed along.  Each fireman is differently designed and comes with accessories that can be held in their rubber hands.  As well as the fire fighters, two of the characters are an ice and a fire creature to add to the play value.  Freddy liked making them the 'baddies' to incorporate a bit of a battle into his imaginative play.  He is so gender stereotypical when it comes to playing with toys (although he steadfastedly maintains his penchant for nail varnish, dresses and hairbands!!)

Matchbox also produce other vehicles with brave big footed crews for lots of other adventures!  It is a really imaginative range of toys that will provide hours of play as kids act out fire and rescue and other emergency situations with the big footed characters.

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