Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fun With Poppy Cat

Poppy Cat continues to be a much loved character in our house with the gorgeous books and the Nick Jr TV show, so when Freddy was sent a Talking Poppy Cat Soft Toy he was most pleased.  Voiced by Joanne Page, the orange cat with the lilting Welsh tones is a favourite among pre-schoolers who love sharing in her fantastical adventures, so it is lovely that they can now have their very own Poppy Cat to play with and interact with.

Poppy Cat

The talking Soft Toy says five fun phrases when her tummy is pressed.  One of the phrases is Poppy Cat counting down "5, 4, 3, 2, 1" which generally results in her being blasted off into space by the power of Fred's best throwing arm!  Her chirpy chatter encourages children into imaginative role play as Poppy urges them to "Come On!" and says "That was a great idea!"

poppy cat

Being quite a small toy, Poppy Cat is perfect for a pre-schooler to carry around as a new best friend and give big hugs to.  Poppy is really soft and cuddly and looks so cute with her patchwork scarf around her neck.

Poppy Cat

This is just one in the range of fabulous Poppy Cat toys that will give young fans lots of extraordinary adventures and will make perfect Christmas gifts for any child.

RRP: £9.99 - available at john Lewis, Amazon, Play, The Entertainer, Boots and more.


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