Thursday, 18 October 2012

Mad Muttz

He scratches himself.  He burps.  He farts.  He snores.  No I'm not complaining about my other half, I am talking about Mad Muttz, the new interactive toy from 50 Fifty Gifts.  The scruffy puppies really have no manners and whenever they sense anyone coming close they let rip with their own brand of chaotic mischief.

dog, interactive toy, 50 Fifty Gifts

We were sent one to see what we thought.  The Mad Muttz made Freddy giggle, they also had his almost 80 year old grandparents in stitches, especially when he lifts his leg to break wind!!  The built in sensor means he can be used as a room guard.  It is a fun, novelty gift that will make a great gift idea for the person who has everything!

Also available are Krazy Kats for fun loving feline fanciers!  Both are available for £15 RRP and are suitable for ages 3 and up.  They are available at  Find out more at


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