Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Wild Science Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory

If you have kids who enjoy playing the mad professor and like to conduct fun experiements, the Wild Science range from Interplay will be perfect presents for them to pop on to their Christmas wishlists!

We received the Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball Factory kit to try out.  My own little scientist Kizzy was very keen to test Newton's Laws of Motion using the super elastic collision balls, which you can make using the components of the kit.

Wild Science

Using coloured polymer granules and snap together moulds, you can make four differently sized balls.  It is a little bit messy so it is advisable to work using an old teaspoon to fill the moulds and an old plate to catch the spills.  Kizzy worked next to the sink as having easy access to water was handy.

Wild Science, Interplay

The Wild Science Kit supports the Science curriculum so children learn as they play and discover the properties of matter, cause and effect and energy transference.

Wild Science

The stack of balls sits on a rod ready for some serious experimentation.  There are suggestions for tests and ideas for further challenges.

Wild Science

As with all Wild Science kits the instruction leaflet is clear and informative with full colour illustrations.  Safety information is included and the kit comes with a pair of Safety Goggles to protect the eyes and make kids feel like a real scientist!

Once the balls are ready, they can be dropped vertically onto a hard smooth floor.  What happens is quite unexpected!!!

Wild Science, Interplay

It was lots of fun to make the balls and Kizzy enjoyed bouncy them around ably assisted by Freddy.  The glow in the dark polymer was very effective.  The balls do need to be kept in a plastic bag or they dry out.  

Kizzy was able to follow the instructions but some of the steps were a bit tricky and needed a little adult assistance.

Wild Science, Interplay

The Hyperlauncher Rocket Ball factory costs £12.99.  Check out for more challenges, ideas, product information and fun!


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