Monday, 13 December 2010

Ode to my Graco Symbio!

One of the things that my children always do at school this time of year is an acrostic poem.  It's one of those poems where each line begins with the letters that make up a word, which is the subject of the poem.  So, after hearing yet another Christmas one, I decided I'd give it a go for the the Symbio.  This lovely pushchair has become a big part of our life...I take my reviewing very seriously!  Trying and testing the pushchair, and seeing how it fits in with my family life! So here is my ode in acrostic form!  I had some fun with it.

G is for glad I'm pleased.
R is for raincover that fits on with ease.
A is for Awards...a well deserved gold.
C is for cosy toes, so snuggly if cold.
O is for options, carrycot or carseat.
S is for safety, these brakes work a treat.
Y's for our youngsters who travel in style.
M's for manoeuvrable, mile after mile.
B is for bag that attaches with hooks.
I is for interaction...towards Mum baby looks.
O is for original and thoughtful design.

Graco happy you're mine!


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