Thursday, 2 December 2010

Mixed Blessings of the Snow!

As the Shropshire snow continues to fall, I am riddled with mixed feelings.  The practical  side of me fears the treacherous roads as I tentatively drive my girls to school in the morning.  Today I had two hairy moments where braking made my car slide.  Thankfully, I was going slow enough that I just juddered to a stalled stop, but the heart still beats a little too fast in these moments!

The cold is biting, even in the house.  I'm not one for cranking up the central heating, but desperate times call for desperate measures!  The gas bill may be bigger than usual. 

Everything grinds to a halt in England when a "big freeze" descends.  We are so ill prepared in coping with any extreme weather systems.  I can only imagine how the economy is suffering with everyone housebound.  My Christmas shopping is yet to happen...I'm cutting it a bit fine, but our nearest town is a good 18 miles away and no way am I risking that journey.

My parents who are 77 and 78 end up stuck at home because they live up a steep hilled road in Wales.  Thankfully the snow there isn't too severe, but it's enough to postpone their weekly visit.  Dad insists on walking to pick up The Sun everyday from the paper shop, and I fear for his safety.  His poor arthritic joints would not tolerate a fall.

However, in spite of all the negative connotations, the snow still holds a magic that is undeniable.  The freshly blanketed landscape looks beautiful, magically transformed into a Winter Wonderland.  Children come alive, catching snowflakes on their tongues, building snowmen and sledding. The promise of Christmas hangs in the air.

Freddy has seen snow for the first time since being able to walk on his own two feet.  He has loved shuffling through the ankle high snow, wearing his dinosaur wellies.  He has been fascinated by the new sights and sensations the snow has created, altering the world he knows into a whole new environment.  Inevitably, he falls over and feels the numbing cold and at that moment he has had enough! 

I think we have all had enough now!


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