Friday, 10 December 2010

Prizes for Pressies

Since September, I've been fortunate enough to have won quite an array of miscellaneous prizes including vouchers, T-Shirts, toys, a hamper, DVD's, video games and books. I've been putting these goodies away, in order to share the love at Christmas.  Generally, I'm not one to overspend.  The idea of getting into debt for one day of excess seems ridiculous.  I've never felt pressured to get the year's "must have" toy, and thankfully my children have never been the sort of kids to pressurise me with guilt laden tactics, making me feel like I'm less of a mother for not supplying the latest Zhu-Zhu Hamster or Buzz Lightyear toy.  (Although one year in the early 90's, I totally accidentally got my son the incredibly rare Power Ranger doll everyone else was coveting, because I just happened to be stood in Woolies when a new delivery arrived unexpectedly!  I did feel quite smug about that!)

So this year, the children will get some very random surprises in their stockings and some unexpected treats.  My bumper Toyologist prize from the fabulous A Modern Military Mother 's blog giveaway has provided a host of excellent toys that my children are going to love. I'm so grateful, and they will be too!

I have enjoyed the idea of winning prizes for pressies.  It's made this Christmas quite exciting, not knowing what I'll be giving to whom.  When I am lucky enough to receive something, I designate it to someone who I think would love it.  It's fun.  Football merchandise lends itself to my eldest son, Coronation Street tea caddies will make my mum smile, a cheeky naked man calendar is right up my sister's street!  Things I would never have thought to have bought, but I'm excited about giving.

There are still a few competitions which offer prizes which would be perfect for my family members.  For example, on a Diary of a Frugal Family there is a giveaway to win the new Michael Jackson Wii game where you can party to his unforgettable songs and learn some of his iconic dance moves.  You can even sing along to some of his greatest songs.  Sounds like a Thriller of a game!!  My 24 year old nephew Tom likes to cut a few moves to a bit of Jacko.  I can imagine the family party where we get on the Wii and Tom gives it his best moonwalking and crotch grabbing.  It would be hilarious!  So I'll keep my fingers crossed for that one!

I never expect to win, but I do enjoy entering and anything I win is such a bonus.  Good luck if you decide to enter yourself...who knows you might be able to give a few extra unexpected pressies to your loved ones this Christmas!


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