Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Best Sleigh'd Plans (see what I did there?)

Today, we thought it'd be a lovely treat for Freddy to take him to the Local Garden Centre to visit Santa.  At the weekends it gets so busy, so when a midweek window became available, it was too good to resist.  We planned to get some lunch in the lovely restaurant and look at all the wonderful Christmas displays that Bridgemere had to offer!

It's only six miles from our house.  We had our annual festive compilation CD playing.  The gorgeous rural setting was a wintry wonderland wrapped in shimmery frost and the sky was blue.  A beautiful day. 

On arrival, we realised Freddy had just dropped off.  We expected the cold air would wake him up when we popped him in his Graco Symbio.  However, once in the comfy, moulded seat, with his fleece lined foot muff toggled up to his chin, the lure of sleep was too great. 

So, with a slumbering baby we made our way into the garden centre.  I love the effort they make to show their wonderful range of gifts, food and decorations in such eye catching displays.

However, the comfortable seating of the Symbio was just too comfy!  Freddy slept on!

In the nativity scene, the donkey seemed very interested in the Symbio with the sleeping Santa Baby inside!  Meanwhile Fred snoozed some more!

Even the big guy himself wasn't enough to wake up my little boy.  His peaceful slumber was uninterrupted. 

Not even Frosty the Snowman with his festive tune blaring, could disturb Fred from his dozing!

We left to go back to the carpark.  We enjoyed looking with wide eyed wonderment at the displays and would have loved to have seen Freddy's delight too!  But, sleep in such a vital part of a toddler's day, that his uninterrupted restful slumber was worth its wait in gold!  The Symbio is the comfiest pushchair I've ever owned, and the seating position lends itself perfectly to napping on the go.  So even if our best laid plans didn't quite turn out how we expected, Fred had a lovely kip!!


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