Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Making Ice Cream at Cheshire Farm

Back in the Summer my 8 year old daughter Kizzy entered a competition at the Cheshire Farm Ice Cream factory, to invent your own, brand new flavour of ice cream.  Her entry was a combination of mango, pineapple, banana and orange, with swirls of fruit puree running through it.  We were totally delighted when her flavour was chosen and we were invited to go to the factory to help make a batch.

Thankfully, the weather today did not prevent us from making the journey to Cheshire and we arrived to be greeted by the director Jonathan.  We donned paper coats, shoe covers and hair nets ready to enter the factory.  Everyone was lovely and had made such an effort to make Kizzy's experience an unforgettable one.  Pots of fruit concentrates were lined up on the counter for her to sniff and identify.  The orange was amazingly pungent!  Kizzy was then invited to create her flavour by adding concentrates to the base mix of milk (fresh from the farm cows yesterday), cream and sugar.  She took great delight in dolloping and pouring the fruit, while her sister Ella mixed it with a big whisk.  After some taste tests, she came up with the perfect mix!

This bucketful of fruity goodness was poured into the bespoke ice cream making machine and Kizzy pushed the button to begin the freezing process!  It was surprisingly quick...just long enough for Kizzy to put the personalised stickers on the lids of her 2 litre tubs.  The filling of the tubs was a lot of fun.  Armed with her specialist tool (aka a wallpaper scraper), Kizzy scraped the splodging ice cream flat and swirled in fruit purees to make ripples of orange sauce.  She experimented with peach and passionfruit purees too, making six 2 litre tubs of her own bespoke Ice Cream!

The highlight for me was when, armed with a spoon, we were allowed to scrape out the remnants of the ice cream machine.  The freshly frozen, fruity ice cream was refreshing, tangy and creamy all at once.  A real triumph!  Kizzy absolutely loved making the ice cream and enjoyed being given the freedom to experiment and get creative.  We felt how Charlie must have felt in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. 

We were given six tubs of the rippled fruity ice creams which we look forward to sharing with family and friends.  We were already big fans of the Cheshire Farm Ice Cream, we love it even more now!


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