Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Oh Christmas tree...Oh dear!!!!

It's still ten sleeps until Christmas.  The Christmas tree is still standing, but only just.  Freddy adores baubles.  He thinks they are brightly, coloured little Freddy sized balls, hung tantalisingly on the tree just for him.  His delight in removing them from the artificial bows is palpable.  The grin that spreads across his little face, is a physical reflection of the joy he feels, at the moment when the shiny projectile is hurled across the room.  The satisfying sound as the plastic sphere hits the nearest wall, has Freddy literally jumping for joy, as he runs on the spot on his tippitoes.  It is an activity that has not grown old.  The novelty which I thought would wear off in a couple of days, hasn't!  However many times I return the now rather battered baubles to the tree, I know that within minutes they will be removed again in the same exuberant manner!  Consequently, to a height that is equivalent to Freddy's reach, the tree is pretty bare!  But, who I am to dictate how a 17 month old expresses his love of Christmas!

However, I think even by Freddy's standards, things have been taken to extremes.  He managed to get a hold of his Graco Symbio pushchair and, thanks to its super easy manoeuvrability, wheeled in straight into the tree!  Does he love his new pushchair so much he wanted to put it on the tree alongside his newfound favourite toys, the baubles??  Was he trying to share his new game with his new wheels?  Who knows what goes through the mind of a toddler...but he was very pleased with himself for doing it!

I wonder if the tree will be standing by Christmas?  Only time will tell.  But I'll be keeping the brakes on next time I leave the Symbio indoors!


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