Friday, 17 December 2010

Christmas Traditions Inside the Wendy House

Today is the last day of term.  Once I have picked up my girls this afternoon for the final school run of 2010, it will officially be Christmas Inside The Wendy House!  I never peak too early, for fear of burning out before the 'big day'.  Tomorrow we're off to Manchester to collect our prodigal daughter (plus 3 sacks of washing!) from university.  It's always wonderful when the big kids come home for Christmas!

This year I am intent on rekindling some of our family traditions that have slipped a little recently.  Freddy is now old enough to have a little understanding of the magic of the festive season.  We've got out all the Christmas board books, DVDs and cuddly toys, giving him a whole new world of playtime.  The tree remains a source of amusement for the little fella.  The constant battle to keep the baubles on the tree and not under the sofa continues!

Because we have a whole week before Christmas Day, I'm looking forward to getting crafty and making a whole host of Christmassy artwork.  There will be lots of baking...veggie pies, muffins, gingerbread.  Kizzy has her chef's hat and apron and is always thrilled to get in on some kitchen action. 

I'm feeling really inspired by the Thinly Spread blogpost!  Father Christmas Bread sounds like a wonderful idea.  I'll definitely be trying that!  The children will have their new PJ's on Christmas Eve so they can wake up with them on, on Christmas Day in order to pile into Mum and Dad's big bed and open their stockings.  Ella will be playing Christmas songs on her guitar and we will all sing along.  Santa will be tracked via NORAD and he will be left his usual snack and tipple along with a carrot for Rudolph.

Last year we set up a 'secret camera' and caught Santa partaking in his festive port and mince pie.  7 year old Kizzy was delighted with the print out of our 'evidence' that we gathered, proving the Big Man had indeed stopped by!

Evidence that Santa stopped by!

Before me and Ian go to bed, we cover the opening to the living room door with wrapping paper from a big roll.  In the morning the children burst through it to find the room magically transformed into a wonderland with pressies under the tree and festive goodies arranged on the windowsills.  However old they get, they love the anticipation and excitement of this tradition!

We always try to take time with the present unwrapping to avoid the frenzy of activity that always results in the kids not knowing who they got their presents from.  Gift tags not even looked at in the urgency to rip off the paper!  So, we make sure we stop and think of the person who gave us each present before we dive in.  It makes the children appreciate the value of gift giving.

The rest of our day involves around playing with the latest games and watching the new DVD acquisitions, while surrounded by tins of Celebrations and Heroes!  Now I'm tee-total (the reason for that is another blog post in itself!!) alcohol doesn't figure in my day, but we try to devise non-alcoholic cocktails so I don't feel left out!  Last year we perfected the 'Orang-utan' juice, cranberry and lemonade!  This year I've bought some alcohol free ginger wine and am looking forward to a nice warming tipple and a few cocktail concoptions too!

Christmas dinner is still not confirmed.  I know it's going to be good vegetarian fayre...just not sure what yet!!  This is one of last year's festive feasts.
Chestnut Bourginogne Pie with a trio of Mashes and Sprouts!
Freddy is going to love it this year and I can't wait to see his delight when faced with colourful wrapped presents and the excitement of Christmas!  Last year he was just a baby...this year he'll be the focus of our enjoyment.  Seeing it all through his eyes...I can't wait!

Freddy last year!


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