Friday, 31 December 2010

Reflecting on being a Symbio Tester

2011 is a mere 7 hours away.  This means there is only 17 more days in the reviewing period for the Graco Symbio.  Over the last few weeks, this pushchair has been like the 8th member of our family.  It's gone everywhere we go, it's been the subject of photo shoots and videos and it's even joined in with family singsongs!!

The going got a bit tough with some of the reviews I had planned.  The unprecedented snowy weather scuppered a few ideas.  Then we all got struck down with the dreaded Christmas flu which hampered things somewhat.  However, over all, I've given the role of Symbio Tester some serious effort, because that is how I take on new challenges!  I am a bit full-on, buzzing with ideas and over excitedly throwing myself into the project in hand!  It's been fun and I know I will look back on the photos and videos of Freddy in his pushchair with such fondness in a few years time, when he'll no longer need pushing around when out and about!  I have documented a period of time in his life in a way I would not have done without the ideas generated from being a Symbio Tester.  I've loved this "job"!

Graco, Symbio,


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