Friday, 10 December 2010

Jackson Reece Babywipes Review

I think babywipes are one of the best inventions ever.  I use them for bottoms, faces, hands...even for cleaning my leather sofa!!  However, I am quite concerned about reports of the chemical content of wipes, which can irritate or damage baby's delicate skin.  My children suffer from eczema and I am an aware of how certain products can cause a flair up.  So when I was given the chance to try Mother and Baby  Gold Award winning Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature herbal wipes and flushable wipes, I was interested to discover what was different about them.

Jackson Reece Herbal Wipes offer parents a natural, healthier alternative. Their unique herbal formula soothes and protects against common skin irritations such as nappy rash and eczema and contains none of the harsh ingredients that can potentially damage delicate skin.  99% of the ingredients used are derived from vegetable or plant extracts and they use a unique vegetable based preservative (not the harmful parabens found in many of the big brand wipes!)  They contain Certified Organic Tea Tree, Aloe Vera and Lavender oils.  The wipes and the packaging are 100% bio-degradable and the cloths are 100% chlorine free.  Jackson Reece also do not test their products on animals and has a vegan friendly formulation.  Being made in the UK reduces the carbon footprint of the product, which will reduce the impact to the environment.

So, the facts and figures look impressive, but what about the wipes themselves.  The product still has to perform well.

Jackson Reece wipes are really soft but also very strong.  They are moist and have a lovely fresh scent thanks to natural organic ingredients, not artificial perfumes.  There is no lingering stickiness or residue after using these wipes.  I tested them to the max on dirty bums, dinner smeared faces, sticky fingers and snotty noses.  I used them to remove my make-up after a night out.  I wiped off face paint.  They performed perfectly well and didn't dry out between uses.  The flushable wipes are equally effective and degrade, once flushed, within eight days.  They won't be washing up on a beach somewhere!

To have a wipe that does the job in hand, made by a company which offers an open and honest approach to care better for babies and the environment, is a very attractive prospect indeed.  These mild, gentle, cleansing,soothing, protective wipes are kind to baby and to the planet!  But do they cost the earth??

In fact they cost the same as other big brands.  You do not have to pay a premium for a greener, safer product.

Visit for full information and  for stockist details.
72 wipes per pack RRP £1.99  

Jackson Reece Wipes


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