Monday, 27 December 2010

Toyology Review...Scalextric Start Grand Prix

This Christmas, Santa was given a helping hand  in providing presents for my family, when I won a wonderful box of Toyology toys from A Modern Military Mother's blog.  I was exteremely thrilled to win such an exciting array of Toys R Us's finest!  On Christmas Day, one particular toy became an instant hit with the whole family from 18 month old Freddy right up to 42 year old Dad!  This was the Scalextric Start Grand Prix Set.

"This great Scalextric Start Grand Prix Set allows you to design and decorate your own cars and then race against your opponent to become grand prix champion on the 1:32 track. The new simple fit track and skill level hand controllers let you control the speed making this set perfect for beginners and professionals."

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My husband has a history with Scalextric.  He collected it as a child and still indulged in tournaments as a teenager.  So he was really excited to put the new set together.

His first observation was that it was much easier to assemble with the new Ultra Fast Fit Track.  The pieces slotted together very simply and within minutes the whole track was assembled and ready to go. There are six different 540cm circuits.  We opted for the simplest track, which was very straightforward to construct using the diagram on the front of the box.

The set came with two Grand Prix Racing Cars, one in red, one in white.  There are stickers which can be used to customize the cars.


The set is for children aged 5 and up.  My 8 year old daughter found the controllers really easy to get to grips with.  She quickly worked out how to exert the right amount of pressure on the trigger to avoid launching the car off across the living room.  She was able to race against her elder sisters and her dad without feeling in any way handicapped by her age.  The Skill Level Control feature allows you to restrict the hand controller's sensitivity  so younger children can play without risk of damaging the cars or becoming frustrated by cars constantly coming off the track.  This would make it more accessible for beginners.  Although possibly considered a boys' toy, my three girls became very competitive, racing against each other and enjoying every minute of the high octane fun!! 

Our 18 month old was fascinated by the cars whizzing around the track.  He enjoyed sitting on Daddy's lap and feeling involved.  Daddy even helped him to have a go at controlling the cars himself.  It'll be a few years though before he can take pole position himself!  He did try to grab the cars on their way past him a few times, creating spectacular crashes, but no harm befell the vehicles!!

All in all, the Scalextric Grand Prix Set provided good family entertainment that was not limited by age or gender.  Everyone enjoyed playing it and cheering on the cars in the races.

8 year old Kizzy said "It is so exciting when the cars get neck and neck because you don't know who will lose or win.  You have to stay in control or else you'll crash off the tracks.  I can even beat my Dad!!"

Priced at  £69.99, this is a great starter set. Perfect for children just discovering the joys of Scalextric or for dads reliving their Racing Driver childhood dreams.


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