Thursday, 30 December 2010

My Top 5 Good Things About Having Kids


As a self-confessed list addict, I am very excited to take part in Kate Takes 5's Weekly Top 5 Listography !
                                  My Top 5 Good Things About Having Kids

1: Looking at these beautiful little people and knowing that they are my contribution to the future!  How cool is that!

2: Seeing life through my children's eyes allows me to relive all those magical moments anew. Children still see wonder in the mundane. What I see as an old plastic pop bottle ready to be recycled, Freddy sees as a fantastic new toy.

3: Watching children's films over and over again...I've seen Toy Story 3 about twenty times over Christmas, I can recite the lines, I cry everytime...and I get away with it because I say it's on for the kids!!

4: When my hair is greasy, I have no make-up on and I'm wearing my tired old trackie bottoms, my kids still  look at me with pure, unjudgmental love!  They laugh at my feeble attempts at humour and don't tell me to shut-up when I sing along to their favourite songs, even when I'm not sure of the words or the tune!

5: Getting to buy kids' food...oven chips, Quorn Nuggets, Spaghetti Hoops, cheese slices. Penguins, Arctic Roll and ice pops...and secretly indulging!


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