Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Crafting with Baker Ross

Now December is here, my children are enjoying some fun-filled Christmas crafts, to make loads of lovely hand made festive things to decorate the house.  Baker Ross have sent us some brilliant CRAFT-It! Christmas sets to try out, which contain almost everything needed to make some great decorations.

baker Ross

 They are a great way to get younger children producing decorations using these craft essentials.  They are easy to do, and give good results.

Kizzy and Freddy were happy to spend a Sunday morning doing some arts and crafts together.  The Sequin Bauble Kit was the first set they tried out.  It contained three polystyrene balls with ribbon hangers, ready to be decorated with sparkly sequins using plastic push pins.

Baker Ross

It was easy to do, even Freddy was able to have a go because the pins were not too sharp.  Each bauble comes with its own set of pins and sequins so it doesn't get too out of control. 

Baker Ross

Very quickly the bauble looked very pretty and Freddy was very impressed with the colourful, sparkly end result.  With a bit of patience you could make a more intricate pattern, but it looks equally pretty with a randomly colourful design.  This makes it a great activity for kids with an end result they will be proud off.

baker Ross

The Yarn Wreath set makes six woollen wreaths, strung with ribbon and decorated with sequins and bows.  The set contains pre-cut rings of card with a hole to thread the ribbon to.  Colourful yarn is woven round and round to make a wreath bauble.

Baker Ross

Freddy got himself into a bit of a knot with this!  But daddy helped him and together they made a very neat yarn covered wreath which was then decorated by gluing on sequins and a bow. 

Baker Ross

They look lovely and will be joined by the rest of the handmade decorations on our Christmas tree this year.

Baker Ross

The Christmas Paper Chains are a fabulous thing for little ones to do.  Each piece has an adhesive end that can be licked and stuck to make a loop, joining up to make a chain.

Baker Ross

The colourful pieces feature different Christmas characters and look really fun and festive, perfect for decorating the kids' bedrooms or the playroom.

Baker Ross

Freddy was able to do this activity independently and he was very proud of his paper chain!  It helped with his hand-eye co-ordination, his dexterity, his patience and his counting skills.

Baker Ross

Baker Ross offer a huge range of craft sets, seasonal activities, fundraising kits and toys for both school and home.  They have a 100% Price Match Promise so you know you are getting the best value.  They also have a 28 day no-quibble guarantee and delivery fixed at £2.99 or FREE for orders over £50.

You can shop online at

It's a perfect place to find stocking fillers and activity sets to keep the kids entertained over the holidays.  It's also brilliant for parties with lots of themed products for party favours and prizes.  The prices are really good and each multi pack is given an individual price breakdown per item.  I could read through the catalogue or browse online for hours!  There is some great stuff for keen crafters and crafty kids to enjoy!

The products I received are as follows:

Sequin Baubles £3.60 for pack of 3
Festive Paper Chains £2.99 for 240
Decoration Sewing Kits £3.60 for pack of 3
Penguin Jewel Decoration Kit £2.99 for pack of 4
Yarn Wreath Decoration Kits £3.50 for pack of 6

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  1. I think this years Christmas Tree will look gorgeous if the homemade decorations are anything to go by - I think the children did very well with their craft activities and I look forward to seeing them when I next visit you. xxxxx



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