Friday, 26 October 2012

Poundland's Halloween Challenge

Walking into the Halloween aisle of Poundland, I was spoiled for choice with the incredibly eye-catching range of spookily spectacular Halloween merchandise!  With everything from face-paints and costumes to table decorations and bakeware, Poundland stocks everything needed to host the perfect party.  With everything costing just a pound it is easy to keep a check on your budget and buy exactly what you need with no scary surprises at the till!

We decided to create a perfect Halloween table which will be the highlight of our celebrations this year.  The black, lacey skull design tablecloth was the ideal start to set the scene.  The Halloween tinsel is fabulous for wrapping around staircases, photo frames or for decorating the table.  I popped one of each of the designs, pumpkin, skulls and spiders, into my basket to add some sparkle to my decorating!  Adding the string of spider lights and the green spider's web really added a touch of arachnoid adornment to the table.  I love the paper plates, cups and napkins with the cute ghostly Boo design that the little ones will adore.  The packs contain 12 plates and 12 napkins or 40 paper cups so there is plenty for all your guests.  A pair of black plastic rats scuttling across the table are a fun addition.  The haunted house table decoration is a really effective centrepiece that casts an amazing spooky shadow on the wall.


To create the perfect creepy atmosphere the Sound of Horror CD has 60 minutes of spooky sounds which will keep everyone in the Halloween mood.  The party poppers are great fun and will fire a shower of confetti.  My kids love them!  The Halloween Juggling Balls will provide hours of entertainment as guests learn a new skill using the sparkling , metallic set of balls.  My husband reckons he's a bit of an expert so he'll love entertaining the kids!

Trick or Treaters are definitely in for a treat when they come knocking at my door.  The big Halloween designed bowl can be filled with sweets from the incredible selection which includes Haribo, Fruitella and Swizzell's.  Their Fright Nite range has some really spooky confectionery like Oozing Eyeballs and Body Parts.  Being individually wrapped makes them perfect for when the little monsters come knocking!

Halloween, Poundland

Being able to buy everything I need to set the scene and create the right ambiance from Poundland is so convenient and offers great value for money.  Everything is fun and colourful and will be a great hit with my party guests this year.  

Take a look at the full range here at

Also if you spend £12 or more on Poundland products you can save £2 by printing out the voucher found at!

As a Poundland Ambassador I was challenged to create a Halloween scene for £18.


  1. Funnily enough, I went and got a load of stuff in here today for Pixie's party on Sunday - out of curiosity, I tried the spider lights and guess what? They are DUFF. I got 10 lots and 8 of them don't work. Then I tested the Lanterns with batteries and guess what? DUFF again. I spent £74 (also got lots of foody bits) but we have just worked out that £18 of that doesn't work. No time to change before the party on Sunday. I am NOT happy.

  2. Oh no, that's not good at all. I bought one set and it worked fine for me. I don't like the risk of buying things that need batteries.It happened to me with Ikea once with some fairy lights. I hope Pixie's party will still be fabulous and that you get a full refund on your faulty items. I will happily pass your comment on if you would like me to. I'm sure Poundland would want to address this. xxx

  3. I have a lot of respect for stores like Poundland who offer goods at a fraction of the price you would have to pay in other Shops.. You would have to go a long way to improve on that amazing stack of goodies you selected to celebrate Halloween. xxx



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