Friday, 18 January 2013

There's No Business Like Snow Business

It was a treacherous drive to school and nursery this morning, but thanks to the new Winter tyres that Ian bought 'just in case' I managed not to slip and slide.  I really recommend having them if you are, like me, a rubbish driver!  Every other year I have done 180 degree spins and end up facing the wrong way and crying!  I felt so much more confident, and even though I didn't get into anything over second gear, I managed to deliver the kids to school in one piece and untraumatised by their mother's driving skills.

The snow did not abate at all and by the time I had to pick up Freddy three hours later, there was a good three inches on my car.  I opened the door dropping a tonne of the stuff from the roof onto my car seat and had to endure a cold bottomed drive to nursery.  Freddy's nursery is off the main road, down a tiny side road with a 90 degree turn into the drive which is surrounded by high walls.  Scary stuff as the road was now impacted with icy snow.  I inched round the corner without hitting anything (I thank my new tyres again) and managed to collect him safely albeit with a wet bum.

We drove back home and I Googled school closures as the snow was getting heavier and I was worried about Ella and her one hour bus journey, only to discover that Kizzy's school had closed 15 minutes earlier.  Another trip out in the Arctic conditions to rescue her.  She was panicking thinking I wouldn't know to get her as I don't listen to the radio so didn't hear the announcement.  She had asked the school to phone me and they said they wouldn't and if necessary she'd have to walk home!!!  I'm just glad I had checked online.  It was blizzardous by now and I wouldn't have wanted her to walk home in her little school shoes on her own.

By now Ian was on his way back from Birmingham and had already witnessed two accidents on the M6.  I always worry about his commute when the weather is bad and was relieved to know that he was on his way home.  We also heard that the bus company was suspending its service from Shrewsbury and so Ella had to leave college early to catch the last bus home or risk being stranded! With everyone heading back to the safety of home I was able to at last relax and do the one positive thing that everyone loves to do in the snow...PLAY!

snow angels, snow day


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