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Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear

Our Visit To Build-A-Bear Workshop

teddy bear, Hamleys

Most of us have had a favourite teddy bear at some point in our lives.  Whether it was a teddy from our childhood or a more recent gift from a loved one for Valentine's Day, they hold a place in our hearts forever. Even in this age of technological playthings, a simple teddy bear still rates very highly on my children's list of favourite toys.

At the weekend, we were lucky enough to be invited to our local Build-A-Bear Workshop in Telford to make ourselves a brand new teddy bear.  Freddy was in charge of choosing what he wanted in order to make the perfect bear, which he wanted to be a present for his eldest sister Megan.  (Her childhood teddy bear recently had a traumatic run in with a washing machine.)

teddy bear

As soon as you arrive at the shop door the magic hits you.  At the Build-A-Bear Workshop you get to choose your bear and bring it to life. You just have to smile at the sights, sounds, colours and energy of the place!  We were introduced to Will who was in charge of helping us make our bear.  He was absolutely lovely, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and engaging and he involved the kids throughout the process.  The interaction of the staff is a big part of the Build-A-Bear experience, elevating this beyond the normal toy shop teddy purchase.

teddy bear

The first step to making your bear involves choosing the design.  There are lots of different bears and other animals to choose from, in many different colours.  Freddy immediately chose the very lovely Rainbow Hugs Bear.  He picked out his unstuffed bear and was ready to go.  (The Rainbow Hugs Bear costs £16.50.)

build a bear workshop

Freddy wanted to call her Daisy and was very excited as he helped bring her to life!  The staff were all so lovely and attentive, Freddy had a great time assisted by his sisters Kizzy and Ella under the guidance of Will.

Build a bear workshop

You can add optional extras to your bear.  Freddy chose a voice box that said "I Love You" but he could have gone for giggles, roaring or even a song to pop inside his teddy bear's tummy.  You can even record your own message for a really personal touch. (My nephew actually proposed to his girlfriend assisted by using a personal message in a teddy bear!)

build a bear workshop

Will then stuffed the bear while Freddy pressed the foot pedal to work the stuffing machine.  A bubblegum  scent was added as well as a satin heart.  Freddy made a wish and kissed the heart before popping it into Daisy Bear.  It is such a lovely touch.  Freddy gave his bear the hug test to make sure she was just right!

build a bear workshop, teddy

Will pulled the stitching together and tied off the threads to complete Daisy the Rainbow Hugs Bear.  The process is very quick and efficient, and the stitching is very secure on the bear's back.

Once the teddy is completed, you can really go to town personalising it with clothing and accessories.  The array of gorgeous little outfits is amazing.  There are several ranges that are brilliant.  The new Disney Princess outfits are totally adorable and come complete with little wigs.  There is also a fantastic medical range including a surgeon's outfit that I loved.  But Fred had his own idea of what he wanted for Daisy.

build a bear workshop

Freddy chose a sparkly pink princess outfit for Daisy along with some fabulous accessories: pink silk pants, frilly socks and bejewelled satin shoes.  Megan is going to love her!!

build a bear workshop, teddy

Daisy was taken to the changing room where Will helped Freddy get her all dressed in her gorgeous new outfit.  She then had her hair brushed and was ready to have her birth certificate issued.

build a bear workshop, teddy

Parents (or in our case Big sister Ella) can complete the online form to register the teddy bear and create the birth certificate.  Daisy was officially registered as Freddy's teddy.  Whereas it was originally going to be completely for Megan, Freddy decided that she could instead share the bear with him and they could play with it together at Megan's house.  Bless him!  Every teddy registered can be played with online in the virtual Bearville game.

build a bear workshop, teddy

Freddy was then presented with Daisy Bear in a box with her birth certificate tied with a pretty, pink bow.  Before he left the shop, Will lead Freddy in the Build-A-Bear promise where he promised to make Daisy a friend for life.  Freddy was very proud to do it!

teddy bear

Daisy will definitely be loved and cherished by Freddy and also by Megan who is so touched by her little brother's lovely gesture to share Daisy with her.  Making her was a wonderful experience that we all enjoyed.  It is such a wonderful shop that just makes you feel happy!!

build a bear, teddy boy

I love the attention to detail that the bears, clothes and accessories have.  The quality is excellent and the designs are simply lovely.  I love that the ranges have something that will appeal to everyone.  I was particularly impressed that Build-A-Bear Workshop stocks items to personalise bears that includes glasses, wheelchairs and crutches.  Everyone can create their perfect companion.

build a bear workshop, teddy

With Valentine's Day coming up, Build-A-Bear Workshop has some lovely bears and accessories that will help create a perfect present for your loved one.  You can also have a child's birthday party hosted at Build-A-Bear workshop with prices starting at £9 per person.

Find out more at their website or pop into your local Build-A-Bear Workshop!

Freddy was gifted with Daisy the Rainbow Bear thanks to Build-A-Bear Workshop.


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