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The Weekly Essentials Challenge - How Much Could YOU Save??

Switch To Poundland and Save Money

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With everything in the supermarket costing so much more these days, shopping around for bargains and special offers can really cut a chunk off of the weekly shopping bill.  But this can be complicated and time consuming as we try to work out which supermarket will be the cheapest option from one week to the next.   So it was with real interest that I heard that Poundland has launched over 100 new grocery lines, selling big brand favourites for just £1!

Poundland stocks more than 3000 everyday essentials and over 1000 top brands including household favourites such as Warburtons, Heinz, Cadbury's, Kellogg's, PG Tips, Dorset Cereals and Ambrosia.

I was challenged to spend £15 in store instead of in my usual supermarket to see how much I could save by  incorporating my Poundland shop into my weekly spend.  I mostly opted for breakfast items and packed lunch and snack products as these are essentials that we buy week in, week out for the kids.  The range also included chilled items, fresh fruit and vegetables and baked goods.

ready Brek, Heinz, daddies

Here is my shopping list with the prices of the products that I would have paid in a supermarket at full price excluding any special offers (sourced from


Kellogg's Cornflakes 375g                           £2.09                                        
Kellogg's Rice Krispies Bar                         £1.99                                         
Oreo Cookies snack pack                           £1.29                                          
Mug Shot Pasta (3 for £1)                           75p each
Tilda Mushroom Rice (3 for £2)                  £1.59 each
Fruit Bowl Yogurt Raisins                            £2.00
Fruit Factory Lunchbox Snacks                   £1.49
       Quavers 5 pack                                   8 for a 6 pack
Heinz Squeeze and Stir (3 for £1)               59p each
Daddies Brown Sauce 600g                       £1.98
Nestle Shreddies                                         £2.29
Ready Brek Squeezers                               £2.18
Harvest Chewee Bars 8 pack                     £1.69 for a 9 pack
Capri Sun 5 pack                                       £1.86

Total cost in Poundland £15.00

     Total cost in supermarket £29.33

Obviously supermarkets may sometimes have BOGOFs, 3 for 2 offers or price cuts on the products you want to buy, but it is good to know that with Poundland everything costs just one pound every single day, making it easier to budget and compare deals.  Some of the products came in slightly smaller sizes but the savings were still impressive. Just be sure to do a quick weight comparison to see if it is still better value. The sell-by dates are all well in the future so you are not compromising on shelf life or quality.  These are the same top brand products that you will find in a supermarket, consistently on sale for just £1.

The Ready Brek Squeezers are a brand new product on the market that we've seen advertised on TV.  I didn't mind giving them a try for £1 but wouldn't pay the £2.18 price tag that the supermarket next door to Poundland was charging.  Freddy was particularly pleased with this bargain and wanted to try one as soon as we got home.

Poundland, breakfast

I was quite amazed at the savings to be made in Poundland on everyday grocery items.  I've never really considered Poundland for food shopping before, but was pleasantly surprised!  The only downside is that my nearest store is in the middle of a shopping centre.  I could only buy what fitted in my hand basket and then I had to carry my bags back to the car park which is quite a trek, meaning I couldn't buy too much, but for buying a few big brand essentials it is excellent.  I will definitely stock up on Kizzy's lunchbox snacks.  The Fruit Bowl and the Fruit Factory dried fruit snacks are her favourites, but they are so expensive in my local supermarket.  For £1 a pack, she can have them every week!  I am very glad to know about all the grocery items available to buy in store at Poundland and will definitely include them when considering my weekly shop in the future.  The 15 items I purchased in the challenge saved me a whopping £14.33 against a supermarket shop, that makes a Poundland basket virtually half the price of a supermarket basket.  That is a saving you simply can not ignore!!

Find out more on their website's Food and Drink section. 

I received a £15 voucher in order to take the grocery challenge with Poundland.


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