Monday, 7 January 2013

Back To Reality

The Christmas tree was stripped of its festive finery and put out with the green recycling bin to be collected.  The children's stockings were packed back into the plastic box in the loft that they call home for 364 days a year.  The last of the chocolates, mince pies and sweets have been packaged up for Ian to take to work to share with his ever grateful work colleagues.  The presents delivered by Santa just two short weeks ago have been housed alongside old toys in the kids' bedrooms.  The Christmas jumpers we wore throughout December have been laundered, folded and placed in the back of our wardrobes (this is in some respects a blessing!) Christmas is well and truly over for another year.

Goodbye Festive Jumpers

This morning Megan returned to work in Manchester after a fortnight back in the family nest.  It was lovely having her home.  The children all get on so well, it is a joy having them together, hearing them laughing, playing, singing and generally enjoying each others' company.  The house seems quieter already.  We already have plans to visit Megan in a couple of weeks which I am already looking forward to!

Ella is back at college today faced with the prospect of exams later this week.  It seems so cruel that she had to revise over Christmas, but she handles her workload so well.   Kizzy and Freddy are back to school and nursery tomorrow. It'll be so hard getting up early tomorrow after the luxury of lie-ins, but I'm sure that seeing their friends will compensate them for having to leave their cosy duvets behind.  For me, the routine of school runs and packed lunches recommences and I will find myself rattling around my four walls without the constant companionship of little people.

It's not all bad though.  I am quite looking forward to getting myself motivated to actually get up in the mornings, eat properly, cook family meals and make 2013 as productive as I can.  It needs to start somewhere and tomorrow is the day.

We have already started work on the house and have big plans to make our home better this year.  we reconciled ourselves to the fact that we probably will not be moving anytime soon, so we will be investing in our house instead    Ian has his eye on a 55" 3D Smart TV with Blu-Ray player and surround sound system that will be a fantastic upgrade for nights spent in front of the TV.  He has already redecorated the room, has ordered a new radiator and replaced the shelving to accommodate our massive DVD collection all in one place.   He is proving his commitment to the project hoping I will rubber stamp his request to get the telly ordered asap!   Elsewhere in the house I am in mad sorting mode, collecting together old toys and clothes to donate to the local charity shops.  I don't donate cash beyond the charities I already support by direct debit,  so donating good quality stuff (instead of ebaying it for myself) makes me feel that I am doing my bit.

As I type this, I have a veggie stew cooking in the slow cooker.  We have eaten terribly over Christmas.  So many take aways, so much cheese, loads of crisps and way too many sweet treats.  I am definitely looking forward to getting back into healthy eating, Ferrero Rocher for breakfast is just wrong!

This Christmas I reintroduced alcohol back onto the menu after four years of being tee-total.  I had visions of it being like opening a floodgate of booze back into my life, but surprisingly it wasn't at all.  A glass of red wine with a dinner and a Buck's Fizz on Christmas morning have not made me crave further alcohol at all.  In fact I was tiny bit disappointed that the desire to get a little bit slaughtered did not emerge in the slightest.  I preferred sticking to Pepsi Max, ginger ale, fruit juice and hot chocolate!  My rock and roll lifestyle of dancing on tables whilst under the influence is well and truly over.  However knowing that I can enjoy an occasional glass or red wine with Ian again is a nice thought.

I'm now off to enjoy the rest of the day with my little people before the new term begins for them tomorrow. Although I do not want to wish away time, I am already counting down the days until half term when I can surround myself with my family and have a break from the routine of real life once again.


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