Monday, 14 January 2013

A Little Blue Teapot, an Operation and a 55" 3D TV

When we went shopping at the weekend, there were a few things we wanted to get.  On my list were new cushions to add some finishing touches to our living room.  I was really pleased to find some that totally matched my curtains which has helped tie the room together nicely.  I have now packaged up my old mix and match cushions for the charity shop.  I'm sure someone will be very grateful for my old animal print and faux fur covered cushions (Bet Lynch perhaps??)

While we were getting the cushions, Freddy spotted something he really wanted.  It wasn't a toy, or sweets or even a much coveted iPad.  No, it was a teapot.  A simple 4 cup, ceramic, blue teapot.  He really, really wanted to use some of his Christmas money to buy the teapot and no amount of persuading or offers to exchange it for something different was going to sway him.  I am someone who likes to allow their children to  be creative and individual.  I don't like to suppress ideas out of hand, so when it became clear that Freddy really wanted to buy this teapot (when he refused to swap it for a new football and a bar of chocolate) I thought it would be wrong to deny him. After all it was £4.99 and he had £5 of his own money to spend.

Freddy was over the moon with his purchase and has taken great delight in filling his teapot with squash and pouring himself and his sisters cups of juice.  I have no idea where the idea of doing this has come from. We never use a teapot at home.  I guess he must have seen something on CBeebies or Nick Jr involving a teapot.  That, or he really is an old soul inside and is indulging that part of him.

teapot, china
Happy With His New Purchase

I don't know whether it was because I was in such an accommodating mood that Ian decided to raise the issue of buying his new TV again.  But, his timing was spot on and I agreed to him doing his much longed for technological upgrade.  Like a small boy let loose in Hamley's, Ian hit Curry's with a vengeance.  He knew exactly what he wanted following months of research and his 55" LG passive 3D Smart TV, Panasonic surround sound system and 3D Blu-Ray player were soon his.

TV, role play
In the huge TV box

He set it all up and soon we were watching the Avengers Assemble in 3D.  He's been buying the 3D versions of new release films for ages waiting for the day when he could play them!  I must admit it is bloody amazing!  Ella and I were immediately whooping with amazement as Iron Man flew into our living room!  We looked pretty cool in our brightly coloured cinema style glasses, but Ian opted for an old pair of black ones he'd found in a drawer because he thought they looked more manly!  Poor Ian was a bit disappointed as he sat watching it, complaining it looked no different to him.  It didn't take a Sherlock Holmes to deduce that the glasses he was wearing were not actually 3D specs from a previous cinema trip but were actually a cheap pair of  Rayban style sunglasses that had come free on the front of a magazine!  I found him a real pair of cinema 3D glasses and soon he was as impressed as Ella and I were!  Last night I got to watch Mr Selfridge in glorious 55" HD.  I definitely approve of Ian's new toy.

Our original 47" TV is getting a bit tired due to it's overuse and the sound is getting a bit temperamental, but Ella is very happy to now have it wall mounted in her room for watching DVDs and gaming.  Remembering the pathetically small, black and white portable TV with a coat hanger aerial that I used to have, I'd say that kids today are incredibly lucky indeed.

One of the reasons for agreeing to Ian doing this now is because his operation is imminent   It is almost exactly a year ago since he had his first operation to try to repair damage he unknowingly did as a small child when he fell onto the crossbar of a BMX bike following a badly executed jump!  Over the years scar tissue has built up resulting in bladder problems and potential kidney problems.  Operation number one attempted to clear the scar tissue with a 50% success rate, but unfortunately it failed. So operation #2 is a bigger, more invasive affair, where they hope to cut the tubes, take out the damaged section and rejoin the two ends.  It will involve a hospital stay and a two week recovery time.  He can at least now lie on the sofa with our new matching cushions, wearing his 3D specs, watching some quality 3D Blu-Ray films as Freddy serves him up juice from his little blue teapot whilst he recovers from his op!


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