Saturday, 12 January 2013

Our Money Saving Day Out

Today we headed to St David's Hotel near Chester to take part in the Super Kid Savers challenge day.  Last year I entered a blog post about teaching money skills to children and was delighted when Kizzy and I were chosen to take part in the final challenge.  I was even more pleased that Ian, Ella and Freddy were allowed to come with us, giving us an opportunity for a nice day out together.

We arrived at the venue where we met the lovely ladies Eshe and Lucy who looked after us.  It was lovely to see fellow bloggers Michelle and  Rachel who were there with their boys, eager to take part in the challenge!

money supermarket, cash

The challenges were all based on saving money and budgeting.  The main part of the challenge was to shop for a list of grocery essentials where the kids had to work out the best way to spend their money using multi-buys, own brands and alternative products.  They could buy luxury items too if they wanted too.

Kizzy has obviously spent too long listening to me going on about the price of groceries in supermarkets and saving cash because she resolutely stuck to buying bargain items and refused to stray or be tempted by the chocolates and toys.  She went as far as to say she would save the change to buy a chicken so she could get free eggs from it!

Other challenges were maths based worksheets which were a lot of fun.  Deciding on a dream outfit or things to take to a desert island whilst sticking to a tight budget challenged the children (especially when us mums said they had to do it without calculators in order to polish up their maths skills!)  I was impressed with everyone's enthusiasm and ideas!

money supermarket

The children also designed rockets and stacked chocolate coins and solved an anagram by collecting letters, which read 'Super Kid'!  All three of the children certainly were Super Kids as they all worked really hard on their challenges winning spot prizes along the way.

money, cash

As Kizzy is more of a fan of words than numbers she also wrote a lovely acrostic 'Money Saving'  poem which I thought was fabulous.  It is lovely when something inspires them to be so creative.

The funniest thing was the interview where the children were asked how much they think certain things cost along with other money related questions.  I was quite surprised by some of Kizzy's answers.  Whereas she knew the price of milk and bread, she had no idea about holidays or cars.  She thought a family car cost £100,000 and a round the world trip would cost £1000,000.  She also said you needed £6000 to be considered rich (random) and the biggest sum of money she could think of was £100 which she'd use to buy an iPad.  Bless her and how her brain works!!

Ella and Freddy had a lovely time too and enjoyed the activities that they took part in.  You are never too old or too young to stack chocolate coins or draw a space rocket!

Huge thanks to Money Supermarket for making us all so very welcome and supplying us with lots of yummy food and lots of fun activities that kept us all busy and entertained.  Thanks also for Kizzy's box of goodies that she received.  We had a lovely day!


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