Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Cupid Dog Film Review

Cupid Dog is a new DVD from Lionsgate due for release on February 4th.  The story centres around Gabe the matchmaking mutt, who comes up with a plan to get his newly single owner Eric a girlfriend to stop him from moving to London for his job.  Unhappy at the prospect of six months in quarantine with big scary dogs, Gabe will stop at nothing to get journalist Eric together with pretty neighbour Sara. Inspired by a TV dating show, Gabe sets the wheels of romance in motion. The plan goes awry however, when Sara suspects that Eric is using her when he finds out about her big secret.  Their future happiness rests in the paws of Gabe, the pup with a gift for love.


This film is a light hearted romantic comedy for families that focuses around the dog who causes trouble and chaos despite his best intentions.  Kids will be charmed by the talking dog but the film doesn't quite match up to the charm of the little pooch Gabe. The dog monopolises the camera time meaning that you don't really get to connect with the human characters, which could have added an extra dimension to the story.  Consequently, the relationship between Sara and Eric has no real depth and the dialogue between them is superficial.  

However, the message of the film and Eric's dawning realisation that relationships are more important than his job is quite heartwarming. There are some funny moments as Eric finds himself on dates he hasn't organised and being thanked for flowers he has never sent  Anyone would be questioning their own sanity, or be thinking that the woman in question was a dangerous and delusional stalker!

Overall it is an amusing canine romp, with a few laughs and a cute mutt which will make you smile. Yes it's cheesy, yes it's implausible...but it's a bit of lightweight fun.

With Valentine's Day approaching this DVD could be a nice gift for a loved one who has a liking for frothy talking-dog-movies.  Just add some wine and chocolates and 'Puppy Love' just might be on the cards! 

DVD technical details:

o   Number of discs: 1
o   £9.99
o   Certificate: U (UK) 
o   Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
o   Running time: 87 minutes approx
o   Copyright: ©2013 Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK. All Rights Reserved.


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