Friday, 11 January 2013

How To Keep Your Feet Warm In Winter

The weather warning has been issued.  We are being promised snow, frost and temperatures of -14 degrees.    The chill in the air is definitely noticeable and so we are preparing ourselves for the return of Winter.  I have Winter tyres on my Galaxy  and I followed the advice given out when we were last gripped by Arctic conditions and keep tealights and matches in the glove box for warmth in case I find myself snowed in with a flat battery, somewhere in the frozen wilderness of Shropshire.  OK, I know I am one of those people who over-prepare (zombie apocolypse plan already devised) but I'd rather be safe than sorry if the bad weather kicks in!

Ella, who is at college, has to leave home at 7.15 am and doesn't get home until past 6 pm.  She also really feels the cold!  So I am worrying about keeping her cosy, especially when she has to walk between the bus stops, home and college buildings.  Just because she is sixteen years old, it doesn't mean that I don't still worry about her getting chilly.  My advice to the kids to wear layers, put on a hat and gloves and button up their coats resonates around the house like a mantra.  But even if Ella follows this advice, there is nothing worse than having cold feet during her long school day, so I'm hoping that by giving her the pair of Heat Holders thermal socks we were sent to review, she will have toasty toes inside her Converse trainers.

thermal socks

The Science Bit: Heat holders boast a 2.3 Tog warmth rating whereas regular cotton socks have a rating of just 0.4.  The heavy yarn is chosen for its thermal qualities and is woven using advanced knitting technology creating a cosy long pile for comfort and warmth.  An intense brushing process on the inside of the sock holds more warm air close to the skin.  The result is the warmest pair of socks on the market or they'll give you your money back!  

The Experience: The socks are indeed very thick and warm and feel cosy the moment they are put on.  They are extremely comfortable too.  They retain your warmth incredibly well preventing your toes from getting cold.  I think they would be ideal with wellies when trudging through the snow, but I really hope we are spared from testing this out!  As long as you put them onto warm feet, they will keep them very cosy indeed.

The thickness of the sock may pose a problem fitting your feet into your shoes.  Ella had to wear her biggest boots to accommodate them.

They are definitely more comfy and warmer than double bagging with cotton socks, or wearing tights under your socks.  They are also less embarrassing than being discovered doing one of those two things!

Ella is a size 4 which is the minimum size for the sock but they fitted very nicely. They are suitable for sizes up to an 8.  

The RRP of the ankle sock style Ladies' Heat Holders is £6 from SockShop.  They come in a choice of 15 different colours. There are other styles and products available for women, men and children including gloves, hats, long johns, leggings and vests.  So if you want to stay really warm and cosy this winter you can.

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