Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Taste of New York

New York Bakery Co – the makers of the nation’s favourite authentic bagels – has created two NEW mouth-watering bagel flavours for you to enjoy; Fruit & Oat and Red Onion & Chive. These flavours have been created with an authentic recipe so that the whole family can enjoy a taste of  cosmopolitan New York at home.


The new Fruit & Oat flavour is low in fat and a source of fibre and is packed full of  cranberries, raisins, sunflower seeds and topped with crunchy oats. Eat toasted and buttered alongside a cup of morning coffee. Or, if you’re looking for a savoury snack, the tasty Red Onion & Chive bagel makes a hearty lunchtime treat when filled or topped with your favourite topping .  They are both premium quality bagels.

New York Bakery Co make all of their bagels the authentic NY way by boiling them before they are stone-baked, giving them a deliciously chewy crust and a soft, fluffy centre.  

We were sent some to try.  We are big bagel fans anyway, and really enjoy the New York Bakery Co. bagels.  They are really soft and very yummy and we love the different flavours available.  We toast them and top with butter and eat instead of toast or a sandwich.  The kids also like a spread of jam on the Fruit and Oat bagel.

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We are pretty conservative with our bagel consumption, but they are so versatile and provide an excellent base for any of your favourite deli toppings.  I did like the idea of this serving suggestion:  
Cheesy Treat - Create a yummy pizza bagel by melting mozzarella on a bagel and topping with juicy cherry tomatoes and freshly cracked black pepper.  However, our bagels all got eaten before I had a chance to be experimental!

New York Bakery Co’s Fruit & Oat and Red Onion & Chive bagels cost from £1.55 for a pack of four and are available at Tesco and Morrisons stores nationwide from January 2013. Visit the New York Bakery Co Facebook page at for more information or recipe tips.


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