Thursday, 24 January 2013

Rambling On About Miranda, Tampon Girl, Cook-Offs and Ambition

I simply cannot believe that January is almost over.  Clearly, time is showing no intention of slowing down anytime soon.  Already this year we have achieved a few things on our to-do list for 2013 and have put the wheels in motion to organise a few more.  It's nice to feel we're getting somewhere albeit slowly.

The over-riding thing that is putting our lives on hold at the moment is the imminence of Ian's operation. Last year he had an op with a 50% success rate.  Unfortunately he fell into the wrong half and so now needs a bigger op to correct the first and put right his original problem.  The recovery time is going to be quite arduous, but we are psyching ourselves up to deal with everything and get ourselves prepared.  We just want it all over and done with so we can move on, with what will hopefully be a cure for Ian.

Today, I was meant to be at a Cook-Off with three other bloggers, making my Quorn Enchiladas for a celebrity chef to try to win a trip to Australia.  I forfeited my place because I wasn't sure if Ian's operation would have been done by now and because he is taking a lot of time off for hospital appointments at the moment so I couldn't justify him taking another day off to look after the kids while I went to London.  But when I thought about the competition I decided that I really wouldn't want to win a trip to Australia without my family anyway.  I just couldn't have done it.  It made me realise that I won't be trying to seize every opportunity that comes my way.  Maybe last year I would have gone ahead and done it, but right now my priorities have really changed and my personal ambition is much less important to me than I thought it was.

Yesterday, Ella asked me if I'd seen 'that' video.  Not knowing what 'that' was, I surmised that I probably had not seen it.  I pressed her further to discover that 'that' video was the latest viral video of 2013 to spread itself across the  internet.  This new video is basically a young girl pulling out a used tampon and sucking on it.  Yes, seriously.  Already there are hundreds of reaction videos and photo memes in honour (or in disgust) to this phenomenon.  It just made me feel really sad to think that someone is so desperate for their 15 minutes of fame that she would dream up such a grisly stunt and that it would then go on to become an internet sensation!  The world wide web is an amazing thing, full of so much potential but it also has given rise to a society where a girl sucking on a tampon becomes a huge success in terms of views, exposure, reach and influence.  Frightening!  In short, my advice is don't watch it. Period.  It's bloody awful. (Sorry, couldn't help myself!!)

Another thing that has left me confused and perplexed this week is Miranda, the 6' 1" comedienne who everyone seems to adore.  That is everyone except me.  Why is she funny??  Because she is tall and awkward and a bit funny looking?  Because of her slapstick comedy acting?  Watching her show is like going into a time machine and a returning to 1978 when comedy like this was en vogue.  Surely we have left that sort of humour behind us?  Surely we have evolved as a nation.  Surely we want more sophistication in our comedy than a tall woman falling off a gate?  Obviously not.  I admit to watching the Gary Barlow episode because, you know...Gary Barlow was in it.  The series of mistaken identity moments, silly walks,  slapstick comedy, implausible relationships and unbelievable, stereotyped characters was just so old fashioned. I'm sure Miranda is a hugely talented woman, I love her in Call The Midwife as a straight actress, but this sit-com and its massive success just confuses me.  If we have gone in a big comedy circle, I look forward to the return of the alternative comedians.  Bring back the Young Ones!


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