Monday, 1 September 2014

Making Packed Lunches Fun with Capri-Sun Fruit Crush Juice Drink

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We have had a wonderful summer this year, enjoying a brilliant holiday, lots of fun days out and some quality family time spent together. I can't believe that the summer holidays have come to an end and my children will be returning to school tomorrow for the new academic year.  The new school year also means a return to packed lunch making and trying to make the children's mid day meals as appetising and exciting as possible. Coming up with lunchbox ideas that the kids want to eat can be a challenge, but is also an opportunity to give the children healthy lunchboxes that they will love, scoring lots of mummy points in the process!

We went to our local Tesco Extra at the weekend, to stock up on the things needed for the new term. We picked up some last minute school uniform bits as well as some stationery items.  Packed lunch groceries were also on the shopping list.  We went to the drink aisle to get some long life juice drink multipacks and were pleased to find Capri-Sun Fruit Crush on special offer as part of a back to school promotion, at just £1.32 for a five pack.  We bought both Tropical and Blackcurrant and Apple varieties (they also do an Apple and Pear flavour) so the children can have a choice of which flavour they want each day.

shopping, Capri-Sun

Freddy is quite a fussy eater so I try extra hard to provide him with food and drink that he will really enjoy, which is balanced and (mostly) healthy.  Capri-Sun Fruit Crush is definitely a great choice.  He loves the fun pouches with the straws and the fruity flavours really appeal to him!  Best of all from my perspective, is the fact that they are made from 75% fruit juice and 25% spring water and count as one of their five a day. They are also 100% compliant with the new school's Food Standards.

lunchbox ideas, Capri-Sun

Another fabulous thing with Capri-Sun pouches is that you can pop them in the freezer and put them in a lunchbox frozen.  This keeps the food cool and fresh.  Plus as they defrost, with a few squeezes of the pouch, they turn into yummy chilled slushies.  Definitely a treat for Freddy who absolutely LOVES this!

Capri-sun, lunchbox ideas

Ever since my eldest son Joe started school in 1993, I have been making kid friendly packed lunches.  I used to make little sandwiches using shaped cookie cutters and cut cheese and fruit into bite sized pieces.  In hindsight I think I was making Bento lunches long before it became the trendy thing for mums to do!  We called them "bits and bobs" lunches though. Making food visually appealing and preparing it in small portions makes it so much easier for little ones to tackle. Over twenty years later, and my lunchbox skills are still in demand!

I thought it was a good idea to have a trial run, making a midday meal for Freddy to get him back into the idea of having a packed lunch. Making a packed lunch around the Capri-Sun Fruit Crush, I thought that a summery theme would be fun and seasonal. So, I used small cutters shaped like a leaf, a butterfly, an apple, a flower and a berry, to make bitesize sandwiches (and cookie bites which were cut from a large white chocolate cookie - everyone deserves a little treat).  The sandwiches were filled with cheese spread and sliced grapes. I cut a flower shape from the red wax on a Babybel and made the stem and leaves from a green grape. Not only does this look cute, it also makes it easier for little hands to open the cheese.  A fruit salad comprising of red grapes, melon and mango accompanied the lunch.  Freddy loved it and the little mouth size shapes went down a treat, as did the Capri-Sun Fruit Crush juice drink!

lunch box ideas, Capri-Sun

Hopefully, the children will enjoy their packed lunches at school this year and will eat everything up, and I won't have to worry about my little babies going hungry or thirsty during the school day!

It's particularly reassuring to know that fussy little Freddy loves his "bits and bobs" lunches and his Capri-Sun Fruit Crush pouches. I'm going to miss my children when they are back at school, but at least I know they will be well fed.

lunchbox ideas

Capri-Sun is the perfect way to get a genuine "Thanks mum" from the kids this school year!

You can buy Capri-Sun at Tesco and enter a competition to win £100 of Back to School prizes!


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