Sunday, 7 September 2014

A Family Day Out at Fordhall Farm Fordfest Music and Beer Festival

We are so lucky to live near to the beautiful Fordhall Farm in North Shropshire.  It is a lovely place where we can go for walks, visit the animals, dine in the tea rooms and breathe in the fresh country air.  Yesterday, they held their annual beer festival, Fordfest.  With live music, local ales and activities to keep all the family entertained, it is a great event.  Plus Ella was invited to play on the acoustic stage in the beer tent!

My nieces were also performing so it was a lovely opportunity to catch up with family.  Ella played beautifully, performing her own arrangements of some of her favourite Killers songs along with an acoustic version of Jason Derula's Wiggle and Iggy Azalea's Fancy!  I just love how engaging Ella's performances are, and her smile and love of playing light up the place.  She gained a new fan who said that she was 'special' and asked for her autograph as he was convinced she will get famous one day!

Freddy and his sisters had a great time trying out the circus skills:  hula hooping, ribbon twirling, plate spinning, stilt walking, diablo and juggling.  It was lovely watching them have so much fun!  I loved the freedom that Freddy had, to run around, try new things and make new friends.

circus skills, music

We enjoyed listening to some local bands play on the main stage, we ate veggie burgers and Ian sampled the local ales from Shropshire breweries.  I watched the traditionally rural barrel rolling competition and my niece's boyfriend won the trophy, beating off the competition in a rather ferocious final!  It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon in the country.

Fordhall Farm continues to be one of our favourite local places and we really enjoyed Fordfest!


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