Saturday, 30 August 2014

Tasty Taco Sandwich Recipe #crispsarnieweek

Tots 100 and Seabrook Crisps have been celebrating National Sarnie Week by challenging bloggers to invent their own recipe for a sandwich featuring crisps!

So, I've been putting on my thinking cap in order to come up with my own idea, which incorporates Seabrook crips.  Although I'm vegetarian, I must confess to enjoying steak flavoured crisps.  Given that many meaty crisps are actually 100% veggie friendly, I can enjoy the savoury taste without compromising on my beliefs.  Seabrook Crinkle Cut Beefy Crisps are one such vegetarian friendly variety, and it is this meaty taste and crunchy texture that inspired me to invent the Tasty Taco Sandwich!!  A easy to make, vegetarian take on a Mexican favourite.

crisp sarnie

Taco Sandwich Ingredients
(makes one sarnie)

2 slices of bread
half a small tin of spicy refried beans
teaspoon of chilli jam or relish
handful of grated cheese
half a bag of Seabrook Beefy Crisps

sarnie week, Seabrook

Spread the refried beans straight onto one of the slices of bread.

taco sandwich

Spread the spicy relish onto the other piece of bread. 

taco sarnie, crisps

Grate the cheese onto the beans.

sandwich making

Put half a bag of Seabrook Beefy Crisps on top of the grated cheese.

sandwich, cheese, crisps

Put the other piece on top and cut in half diagonally (is it just me, or do diagonally cut sandwiches just taste so much better??)

sarnie week

Enjoy the textures and tastes of a delicious Mexican taco!  You have the succulent and seasoned refried beans, the spicy kick of the chilli relish, the comforting flavour of Cheddar cheese and the meatiness of the Beefy crisps along with their taco like crunchy texture.  It worked really 

Even though I say so myself, it was genius...and much easier to eat than a regular taco!  The refried beans make a really delicious veggie pate.  I'll definitely use them as a sandwich filling in the future.

sarnie, Seabrook, crisps

This recipe is an entry into the National Crisp Sarnie Week competition with Seabrook crisps.


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