Monday, 22 September 2014

A Coffee and Cream Mood Board - Argos Colour Campaign

One of my guilty pleasures is a visit to a coffee shop, relaxing in a big, comfy, high backed leather chair and sipping on a delicious, iced, coffee frappuccino.  It's such a treat to take a few minutes out of my schedule to enjoy some me-time.  Needless to say, I am a big coffee fan.  I love its evocative aroma, the deep, dark colour and its rich flavour.

When challenged by Argos to create a mood board for redecorating a room in my home, I instantly thought of a coffee and cream themed living room.  I love the autumnal shades of brown, in all its shades, from the glossy depth of a dark, chestnut brown to the creamy, luxurious tone of cafe au lait. These colours provide a comforting warmth and richness to a room space, while the spectrum of shades brings contrast.

A coffee and cream palette offers a warm, sophisticated look, which works with natural woods, rattan and sepia artworks.  It is calming and comforting and evokes thoughts of my favourite coffee indulgence. With a rich brown feature wall and contrasting creams and beiges to lighten the aspect, I'd create a real 'grown-up' living space, taking inspiration from the coffee shops I so enjoy.  Comfy seating and soft furnishings, along with a few ornamental embellishments would complete the look.

coffee and cream mood board

I love the pieces that I found to include in my mood board.  Some pieces are from Argos such as the contrast clock, copper tone cafetiere and the embroidered lampshade.  I also love the vintage storage trunks, which would look brilliant in the corner of the room, concealing away some of our clutter. The sepia New York wall art is a really arty piece and a homage to its coffee shop scene ... I think Central Perk had a lot of influence in the UK's coffee shop popularity surge!

Colour has such an effect on our mood and well being, and making your home a reflection of the colours that you love can give you such a good feeling.  I like my kitchen and bathrooms to be bright, light, airy, clean and uplifting.  My bedroom is a tranquil space with muted tones and metallic accents.  The kids have bright, happy, fun, sunny colours in their rooms to match their personalities. But for my living space, the coffee and cream theme would be the perfect deliciously, indulgent spot of luxury, reflecting the guilty pleasure that is my love of coffee shops!

This is my entry into the Argos Colour Campaign competition.



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