Friday, 26 September 2014

What does your toast say about you?

Duerr's Marmalade and Roberts Bakery have teamed up to evaluate how a person's morning toast preferences reflect their personality. They have come up with a fun quiz so you can discover what your toast says about you!

From the thickness of the bread to your opinion on double dipping the knife between the butter and the jam jar, your thoughts unlock your breakfast personality and check your compatibility with whoever you share your breakfast with in the morning.

Duerrs, Roberts Bakery

With my love of lightly done, thick sliced, 50/50 bread toasted and topped with a medium spreading of no-bits jam and butter (no double dipping allowed!) and with a penchant for leaving my crusts,  I have been identified as a Peacekeeper, which is a surprisingly accurate reflection of my personality!

Marmalade and Toast

If you want to have a go simply visit and take part in this fun, and in my case, surprisingly accurate personality test!


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