Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Disney Planes 2 Safe n Sound Lumiglow Vinyl Wall Light Review

Ready Room Wall Stickers from World's Apart, are the perfect way to transform a child's bedroom, with a range of exciting and innovative vinyl stickers featuring some of the most popular kids' TV and film characters such as Thomas, Disney Planes, Cars and Minnie Mouse.

Not only are the stickers colourful and fun, they are also functional, doubling up as wall hooks, a door bell, a clock or a soothing night light.  The range also includes a light switch sticker and a story telling scene. They provide an excellent way to give a child's room a quick and easy themed makeover, personalising a bedroom based on a much loved character.  The functional items add an extra element of fun, encouraging independence and creating a space that kids will love.

Freddy received a Disney Planes 2 Safe 'n' Sound Lumiglow Vinyl which is a sound activated wall mounted night light.  The size of the light up section is 9" diameter.

Planes 2, bedroom

The set includes 50 stickers including a background upon which the night light is mounted.  The other stickers can be positioned around to create an exciting skyscape scene featuring Dusty and his friends.

Lumiglow, Planes 2

The pack includes a suggested lay out, but you can be as creative as you like.  The vinyl stickers stick well to clean, flat surfaces and you can create an expansive piece of wall art if you use them all.  You can use the individual stickers to jazz up furniture or dot around the room, in addition to creating the surround for the night light. The vinyl stickers are also straightforward to remove.

Lumiglow, Planes 2, night light

The light takes 3 AAA batteries and you'll need a small screwdriver.  It attaches using velcro sticky tabs for easy removal when the batteries need changing.  It is an excellent design and we were impressed with its functionality.

Lumiglow, planes 2

Freddy was absolutely thrilled by the fact he could activate the light by clapping twice.  He thought it was brilliant!  Once on, the light glows for two minutes before turning itself off.  This makes it a perfect night light to give a child the security and comfort needed to fall asleep independently.

planes 2, Lumiglow

The World's Apart Ready Room wall stickers are priced between £3.99 and £19.99. The Safe n Sound Lumiglow Vinyl wall sticker pack costs £19.99.  I think this represents a great value way of transforming a kids' bedroom, quickly and easily, into a place that they will love.

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