Friday, 5 September 2014

Old School Fun for a New Generation!

I remember the days of the iconic Panda Pops: the brightly coloured, fruit flavoured, fizzy drinks for kids, always served at school discos. A real blast from the past.  Nowadays, as our demand for healthier options for our kids has increased, Panda has evolved to bring its brand to a whole new generation of children. The Panda drinks now offer refreshingly fruity fun with their range of still juice drinks, flavoured waters and squash, made with natural flavourings and colours and with no added sugar.  Even the trademark Panda has had a revamp, as the cute black and white bear is pictured frolicking with the fresh fruits that flavour the drinks, on each of the bottles' labels.

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As well as bringing their fruity drinks to a new generation of children, Panda also want to reintroduce some traditional, childhood games back into their lives : getting kids away from their technological devices, getting them active and having some good old fashioned fun!

With games such a kerby, hopscotch, piggy in the middle, blind man's bluff, conkers and tig, along with skills such as hula hooping, skipping and den building, the kids of today could learn a lot of great activities by looking at the things their parents used to do.

Freddy and Kizzy took the challenge to play one of the old school games and decided to learn how to hula hoop. I bought them some new hula hoops and they practiced hard.  Both of them can now do it and have lots of fun spinning the hoop and swinging their hips, trying to keep it up for as long as possible.  Freddy has even mastered the double, spinning two hoops at once. I could never do it as a child and however hard I try, I still can't!  I just can't get it, although ironically I have the high score for virtual hula hooping on the Wii Fit!


Panda Still Juice Drinks and Panda Splash are available in 250 ml sports cap bottles in a six pack for £1.99. Panda Squashes are 99p for a 1 litre bottle.  Find them in Tesco.


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